1. D

    Volvo v40 knowledge reqd

    My wife's son's car has expired and looking for a relacement estate . Looking at a 2003 volvo v40 1.9 diesel .Has any one any knowledge of what to look out for . Seller looking for £2000 103k miles good condition good service history.
  2. B

    Bluetooth v4.0 and W204 UMI

    I've got a 2009 W204 with the UMI (fitted from new) it has the 7 digit postcode search and works ok. The problem I have is that I just got a new phone (HTC One X) think this phone has a new Bluetooth spec. (version 4.0) and it won't pair with the UMI! Has anyone else seen this problem and is...
  3. mymini007

    Volvo T4 V40

    Volvo : Volvo T4 1.9 Turbo 200bhp
  4. J

    COMAND Navigation CD & Travel Guide DX 2005 V4.0

    I have the above COMAND APS CD rattling around and if anyone wants it they can have it for £15 with free p&p ! Would stick it on the bay of e but can't be bothered. Comes in the official box with user manual. First reply bagsing it wins ! Cheers Jonny
  5. T

    Luxury Compact Estate (Rust-free!!) Volvo V40

    We are changing to one car and the Volvo is the one to go, because it hasn't a tow bar. It was owned as a fleet car, clocking up 60k in 3 years, and then by us, taking it to 78,000 miles. Built in 2000. 1.8i engine, 125 bhp 11 months MOT Sunset Red FSH 2 owners 6 airbags £3995...
  6. K

    v40 t4 rules :rock:

    in a highway in Portugal :cool:
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