Volvo V70 fuel gauge problems...

    Hi All, Recently I have noticed or what appeared to be that I could not fill my fuel tank till full on my 2006 V70 D5, it will fill to just past half way or show gauge to 1/2 way only, then the fuel nozzle clicks off and fuel starts to rise up the fuel filler neck to suggest full tank...
  2. Seamster15

    Volvo V70 T5

    I have been asked to sell my old V70 by my friends mother. Unfortunately he passed away unexpectedly 6 weeks ago leaving the surplus to requirements. 2001 V70 T5 with approx. 170k on the clock. Most S/H is main dealer Volvo. MOT should be until Nov. It has a tow bar, sunroof, black leather...

    Bye Bye S60...hello V70

    Hi All, Have moved on my Volvo S60 D5, as by matter of chance a nice 2006 V70 SE D5 came up for sale literally 5mins from home, in excellent condition...too good to pass really...bought from a Volvo specialist the car has full Volvo S/history with all print outs...+ he has done service with...
  4. gaz_l

    2001 Volvo V70 Estate - Lunar Mileage

    Greetings all, Firstly let me say this isn't mine - it belongs to my boss. He's had it from ~18 months old, but it's getting a bit long in the tooth for piling round Europe, as he does on a regular basis. Just passed its MOT (2 bulbs needed!), it's time to put it out to pasture. I've known it...
  5. astamir

    Volvo v70 estate 7 seater diesel wanted

    As the topic says looking for diesel v70 7 seater for friend of mine Thanks

    W204 Comand Nav disc V7.0 upgrade

    Hello Anyone upgraded their W204 C-class Comand to V7 yet? Are there any major differences over V6, or just the regular map updates? I am thinking of buying the new discs, but think £230 (or whatever MB charge) is a little steep for just a map refresh. Hoping for 7 digit postcode, and...
  7. jonnyboy

    ovlol v70 auto estate

    Might have a nice genuine Volvo Estate coming in as a part-ex against one of my Mercs. 2000 7 seat car with around 135k miles and leather. Any good to anyone?
  8. CE230

    Volvo V70

    Not gotten rid of the MB but am interested in buying an estate car and have always liked the look of the Volvo V70 2.5TD. Any pointers on what to look for would be appreciated. TIA
  9. Theothers

    Volvo V70 & XC70

    Hi all. Has anyone owned either of these? what do you think? What goes wrong? and how much more expensive are they to run than a Merc? Thanks for any help. R
  10. ROBB

    V70 Help Please

    Whilst the merc is off the road (as per http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=49237 ), i have a nice V70 D5 SE Estate: which is not bad at all. Does anyone know how to change the clock?? Thanks to BST it is now wrong. Also, are there any user settings for the auto box that can be...
  11. glojo

    New shape Volvo V70

    Has anyone driven this new vehicle and if so what do we think about it? My interest would be in the D5 AWD Any thoughts, observations would be appreciated. regards John
  12. C

    Mercedes CLK 320 vs Volvo V70 T5

    Hi all, I've just joined as I'm looking at buying my Mams CLK 320, its on a 99 plate and is the elegance. Everything is spot on apart from a tiny bit of rust on one of the arches, asking price £6000 with 100,000 miles. The big downside for me is the 218bhp and 300ish NM, my Volvo has 280bhp...
  13. guydewdney

    Volvo V70 AWD and TVR Chimeara

    2000 VOLVO V70 2.4 5dr Xc Estate, Petrol, 64,500 miles, . AWD. Dark metallic green, Dual zone climate, full Volvo SH, 11 months MOT. 5 months Tax. Sand leather. 64K miles. CD / Tape player, 4 good tyres. Just had major service. Located in Tring, Herts. 64500 miles. 5 Speed manual, cruise...
  14. Mozzer

    Becker V7.0 for the APS30

    Anyone got the version 7.0 cds that they could lend me for an hour ?
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