1. R

    Last Minute Valentine's Present

    I have an almost new Smythson iPad sleeve case for that someone special ... no, I don't mean your Merc :ban: I bought it for my wife, but she never used it, it is boxed in Smythson box, with insane amount of wrapping paper, ribbons and fluffy stuff :cool: I will post it by Royal Mail...
  2. S

    Valentine One

    Hi all,so been working on this for a few months now planning and sourcing parts but finally..........its finished! A little while ago i bought a Valentine one radar lazar detector,but im one of those that like the oem fit and dont like gadgets or toys stuck all over the windscreen so what i did...
  3. mark.t

    samsung valentine

    Got the wife one of these for valentine day ..... now I'm a big softy she was always going on about her 8850 being to bulky and not fitting in her handbag well this should help
  4. pammy

    For those who may need ahelping hand for Saturday - Valentine's Day...

    For those of you who still need some true lines for Valentine's Day!!! These are entries to a Washington Post competition asking for a rhyme with the most romantic first line... but the least romantic second line. Love may be beautiful, love may be bliss, But I only slept with you, coz...
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