1. Campoos90

    Valeting your car in Milton Keynes? Think twice before...

    Hello Last month I bought a Mercedes c220 cdi w204 amg coupe '12. Seats were a bit dirty as they are half leather half cloth so I decided to call a mobile valeting company in Milton Keynes. Before selecting one random company I carried an investigation about the companies around MK...
  2. M

    Recommending JP Valeting & Detailing - Mobile Car Valeter in Stafford, Staffordshire

    Just wanted to put in a good word for JP Valeting & Detailing in Stafford, Staffordshire who carried out a full valet on my car yesterday. As some of you know, I've been suffering ill health for some years now and as much as I love valeting & detailing my own car it was getting a bit much for...
  3. Deane x

    Detainers / valeting In or around Colchester

    Looking for good detailers / Valeter in or round Colchester for my new car .. I have only used polish car cleaners on my s class as it was old so did not think detailers where worthwhile
  4. I

    Nice Valeting

    Not exactly detailing but just had my SL valeted and machine polished in preparation for impending sale. I think they've done rather a nice job.
  5. karlos280

    Just valeted by S&G valeting Nottingham

    Big thanks to Sean for doing a great job on my car,highly recommend. Located in nottingham
  6. Chrishazle

    Classic Car Valeting, Aylesbury

    For our daughter's wedding in early May I have to arrange valeting of a 1927 Austin Heavy 12 near Aylesbury. Google shows loads of mobile valeters, but all show modern cars. Trixie is anything but modern! Anyone know someone that can be trusted with this job?
  7. kalvin928

    supaguard valeting products

    nearly every time I go to the car boot there is always someone selling supaguard cleaning products; normally in its own bag..... packaging seems cheap... anyway I decided to use the alloy wheel cleaner on my dad's 07 CLK... wheels have caked on brake dust and no matter what I tried it didn't...
  8. Ant-toe-knee

    Valeting kit at eurocarparts £6.00

    TRIPLE QX Deluxe Summer Valeting Kit Got to be worth a punt
  9. R

    Detailing, Valeting, Car Washing.....

    I have, as you know spent many happy an hour (day!) cleaning my car and have contemplated how to move to the next level given that whilst most people regard my car "as new" I still know where the micro and indeed less micro scratches are. My local car cleaning place (Sgt Bills!) will wash...
  10. E

    Win a Meguiars Valeting Kit...

    Hi Guys, It's Friday afternoon so we thought we would play a little game :D .. We have been working on an exciting new project recently which we are about to launch soon - Can you guess what’s under the red drape in the pic below?? We have posted this on various forums and next week we...
  11. H

    valeting in the glos area

    hi all i hope im allowed to post this if you're in the glos area & need a good valeting service give this guys a shout Kleen Machine - Car Valeting in Gloucestershire
  12. E

    25% off All Meguiars Valeting for MBC Members - ONLINE only!

    Hi Guys Did You Know - Euro Car Parts are the 3rd largest stockist of Meguairs products in the UK! We stock the complete range, and to help keep you cars clean we are giving you 25% off EVERYTHING! Most Popular Products: Meguiars Hot Rims - Retail Price: £8.99 Forum Price...
  13. Charles Morgan

    Car Valeting West London

    One of the many considerable problems of on-street parking is not being able to clean my car, and I stupidly used the hand car washers at my local Homebase to clear two weeks dirt accumulation since picking up my car. I get home and see swirls and minor scratches everywhere. Does anyone have a...
  14. Ian Hunt


    Have just emptied the rubbish out, given my car a quick vac, sprayed a bit of dash cleaner around, and given the seats a once over with leather stuff. Is it just me, or does life feel so much better with a nice clean car? Anyway... I have a light grey interior & it does show up the dirt &...
  15. G

    Waterless Car Valeting

    Years ago, a young lad used to come round the office and valet our cars at a very reasonable price, however, he suddenly vanished and we never saw him again. Today, a company who doesn't wash cars the old fashioned way with a bucket and sponge turned up and left a few flyers/price lists etc...
  16. H13BS M

    New Valeting Kit

    After a long time of looking into products i finally treated myself to a whole new kit for cleaning the c32.I havnt bought any gear for a year or so, and alot of my stuff was tired, so in the end just started from scrap as theres so meny good products out there now.So in the end i went with Dodo...
  17. mark.t

    Mobile Valeting excellent service recommended

    Performance Mobile Valeting ..... recommended for the north west manchester area very impressed with service and honesty turned up on time and spent 3 hours cleaning the car needless to say very happy with the job done ....they found my spare set of keys in the back of the e-class :eek: ...
  18. M

    Car wash & Valeting business

    Hi guys, looking for a new line of business and many times its crossed my mind to open up a car wash/valeting business. I live in Milton Keynes, and feel that now would be the best time as I could be set up for summer. Any ideas on what I need to consider and watch for... Any comments welcome...
  19. Goldfish11

    How to guide: Valeting, Detailing, Car Cleaning - Ebook to download

    As part of my obsessive car cleaning research I have come across an e-book I have had some email exchanges with the Autopia Forum in the U.S. The kind chaps at Autopia, David Bynon and David Ostroff have given me permission to circulate their excellent e-book on car detailing. You can...
  20. B

    Any recommendations on car valeting in south?

    Hi, Anyone got any recommendations on mobile car valeting in the south (in particular Hampshire - Winchester) area? Cheers, Paul
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