1. markjay

    Selling my car - Online valuations - advice appreciated

    Been thinking of selling my car. So I obtained some online valuations. Car is: C180K, 4dr, 2006, 58k miles, Obsidian Black, Automatic, two owners from new, full service history (part-franchised part-specialist), 3 months MOT, COMMAND, non-leather seats. Not import, never been in a crash, no...
  2. C

    Insurance valuations

    Hello - can anyone recommend someone to provide a valuation for insurance/AV purposes pls? Shirish
  3. Palfrem

    WBAC valuations

    Just had a p/ex quote for my 58 plate 4.2 SC VSE @ 50K miles at £16K againt a certain Northern G Wagen Ran it through WBAC and it came back at £20,635 - really? Any thoughts please?
  4. N


    I have a 1995 Mercedes E220 Auto (W124) with just under 54,000 genuine miles on it. Where is the best place to take it to be valued w?ith a view to selling it privately? Alternatively, are there any dealers who specialise in buying W124s who won't rip me off?
  5. E CLASS

    Totally free CAP car valuations!

    Go on scare yourself....
  6. S


    I am about to sell my 1993 SL500. Can anyone advise how to value it. Seen lots on autotrader and they really seem to vary in price. Cheers for any help Simon
  7. W

    Optimistic CLK320 valuations?

    I occasionally use Autotrader to find the potential sale value of my CLK320 W208. I suspect it's worth roughly £3k these days. So how come I found this dealer advertising a similar CLK for £6k? Is he being optimistic or are there still decent values in some CLK coupes? edit: just to add....the...
  8. SimonsMerc

    Car Valuations

    The most accurate internet car valuation guide I've ever seen is here: You need to type in your registration number and mileage. The 'trade' price you get quoted is almost exactly the same as CAP (Current Auction Price), which is most likely the value...
  9. S

    Dealer Valuations

    Anyone had any experience of RIDICULOUS dealer trade in values. I ordered a new CL63 AMG from Mercedes Brooklands a few months ago and the salesman was a little bit cagey when it came to the value of my 04/54 CL65 AMG. He said he could give a more accurate figure closer to the trade in time...
  10. L

    Insurance valuations

    I need to value my car for insurance purposes and I was wondering where I could find out the appropriate information. It's a 1980 280 CE auto in pretty good nick. Cheers
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