1. M

    MAF g/s values for engine 642930

    Hi, I'm trying to find out what's going on with my Mass Air flow sensor. My scanner is showing air flow rate at around 580 g/s at idle. I checked my friends car (the same engine 942.930) and his number are around 270 g/s. Do you know more or less what's the correct values?
  2. MOR8A

    Car values gone mad?

    Sorry if this has already been covered....what the hell is going on with these prices? There are going to be a fair few people who could potentially catch a very big cold on these at some point. RM Sotheby's London results | PistonHeads
  3. N

    W124 Coupe values

    I have a 1988 300ce that I've been thinking of selling. Would quite like a change and fancy a W124 convertible or an R129. Anyway, I'm finding it hard to put a price on my current car. The values seem to be all over the place. From £2-3k for very high mileage tired / modified cars, to...
  4. V

    Future Values.

    According to the Internet there's approx 300 registered for UK roads SL63 AMG Just thinking surely this should push up the value of these rare cars? Cheers
  5. gunning

    W124 values... Advice and opinions please.

    As you guys know I'm selling my small collection of cars at the moment. But I'm stumped on my 300ce.... The prices range all over the place online and I am attached to the car as I bought it when I left the army late 2014 after being injured so there's added sentimental value for me. It's...
  6. michaelk3289

    W124 320 cabriolet Current Values

    Hi All just thought i would throw this out there and see what the forum thinks I've been a big fan of the W124 for a long time (as many of us are) especially in cabriolet version I've seen a bit of a hike over the years in prices with good ones asking 20k plus however a quick...
  7. B

    Seasonal second hand values

    My wife wants to come into the fold, and has narrowed her choice down to a three/four year old E250 or 350 convertible. She's got a two year old Kia Sportage 2.0d AWD (oddly I can only find one other auto of the model and year for sale in the country), and with winter coming it seems a good...
  8. BillyW124

    97 CL600 V12.. future values?

    Its been a while since I've posted, good to be back! What's the general concensus on these lovely beasts in this form in terms of future values if they were kept in great condition in say 10 - 15 years time? Specifics: Azurite Blue with mushroom/light stone two tone interior, big spec...
  9. -Ian

    C63 Future Values

    Sorry if this has been asked before but here goes anyway. As MB are no longer putting the full blown 6.3 in the C63 I was wondering about people's views on future residual prices on pre turbo cars, whether they might be better than the expected depreciation ?
  10. A1EK

    Are my Rear Camber values okay?

    Hi Guys I have more wear on the inner edges of my rear tires in recent months then I I have noticed over the years. It may be down to the additional weight of my sub and amp I fitted about 2 years back or possibly the type of tires I have ? The other quite possible reason is just down to worn...
  11. S

    C270 CDI common rail torque values

    Can someone point me in the right direction in my search of a document that contains torque values for high pressure fuel lines attached to the common rail and the cooler line bolt (at the far end of the rail)? Car is C270 CDI with the OM612 engine. Cheers!
  12. cws196

    722.6 adaption values reset (without STAR)

    Having just swapped cars for the day with my wife, she reports back that gear changes on my car (S203) are much smoother than on her car (CL203). Both cars have the OM646 engine. I seem to recall that you can do a manual reset of the adaption values, on the 722.6 box and there's some document...
  13. G

    2013 C63 values

    Anyone hazard a guess what my car is worth as private sale value and trade value? March 2013 Estate in black 18" 10500 miles How about value at 2 years old too? Thanks
  14. cobra7

    C43 - values increasing?

    Saw this and thought to myself, surely not..? 2000 MERCEDES BENZ C43 AMG ESTATE, VERY RARE & FAST | eBay With very few decent rust free examples out there it seems too expensive to me but perhaps not?? :dk: Whilst a few more miles and not completely original (has a gloss black roof:rock:)...

    Values of R129's

    What do you think about the future value's of the old R129 series? I have a 1990 one which I was trying to get £4000 for but I have recently seen quite a few at around £2000 ! These were fetching £10,000 a few years ago! I've put her to bed in the garage for the winter now ;)
  16. coupe deville

    Used car values quiz

    Guess the value of these cars, I got 10 out of 15 At the end is an option to have your own car valued ( yeh right ), I didn't bother with that. ;) Guess The Car Values Quiz
  17. C

    Wheel values

    I have a set of genuine 18" AMG 'Turbine' 22 spoke alloys off my R230 SL. They are in excellent condition and have Continental tyres with plenty of life left on them. Is there a market for these (and if so what are they worth) or should I just keep them and put them back on the car if I sell it...
  18. E270 Owner

    Injector values

    Hi Been sent a snap shot but my Star's at the workshop for the weekend. Are the injector values allowed +/- 5mm^3/Hub or +/- 3mm^3/Hub I think they are 5 but cant remember Thanks all :)
  19. petermansell

    Similar performance but different values

    Well as some of you know sold my CLK55 AMG to Olly and bought an Audi A5 3.0 TDI Quattro. Now what surprised me is this. 1) The market value of the new Audi is £47K a lot more than the eight year old CLK. 2) the performance of both cars are similar (0-60 @ 5.5 for the CLK; and 5.8 for the...
  20. gaz_l

    Petrol - RON values on the pumps

    Greetings, citizens. Filled up tonight at the local Shell station, which was recently refurbished. Probably the second/third time I've done so. However, I noticed this time there's no RON numbers on the pump labels - fairly sure that before regular was labelled as 95 and V-power as 98. I...
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