1. S

    240td 1980 vacuum control valve and auto problems

    I hope this is the right forum. My oldish 240td (120k kms total from new and my car from new) has an auto box that slips. Most likely it is due to a service by a Bosch injection pump outfit that doesn't understand the intricacies of the vacuum control system. I am not sure what all the pipes...
  2. M

    vaneo valve body removal

    hello,every one,i am trying to remove the valve body from my vaneo 1.7 automatic,but it does not move at all. i have removed all the screws but cannot get it to budge at all. What am i missing? many thks
  3. E

    throttle valve actuator seals leaking oil.

    Engine oil cooler in our ML250 (reg 2015) was found leaking oil. When the car was brought to the dealership additional problem was diagnosed. Namely "... and also found the throttle valve actuator seals also leaking oil" I am not a mechanic, but what oil should be doing near throttle valve /...
  4. JohnnyAMG

    R230 ABC Valve Block Rebuild

    I am in the middle of rebuilding the front valve block on my R230 SL55. My car was dropping on one side so decided to go the whole hog and sort it out. So I have stripped down the block and two small things i need. The four O-rings which seal the solenoids to the valve block are knackered on...
  5. P

    111 Engine in 2001 C180 2 ltr coupe, does it have an egr valve

    Hi does a 2001 2 ltr C180 Coupe, engine type 111 have an egr valve and if so how can i find it. Engine runs very eratic on start up but runs very smoothly once warmed up. Many thanks
  6. optimusprime

    M103 valve cover gaskets , the best to use .

    Hi i am just about to replace my valve cover gasket . I would think that its a job most of you guys have done on you W124 M103 engines . Only asking what type of gasket is the best one to use . I am spoiled for choice. Payen, Elring, and some i have never come across before .Any one done it...
  7. N

    OM606 EPC light on after shut off valve O ring replacement.

    A friend has a '98 W210 E300 TD saloon that had a pretty bad leak from the O ring on the fuel shut off valve. He replaced the O ring, put everything back together & after a lot of cranking the car fired up. He nearly flattened the 210's battery, then hooked a running car up to the 210's battery...
  8. A

    M112 valve cover gasket leak again

    Hello guys. I have done my breather covers valve cover gasket a while ago, all was fine but i noticed the valve cover leaking a bit even if gasket was new (aftermarket ), i retorqued everything to 8nm the leak has reduced a bit but still leaks, i bought a new genuine Mercedes gasket today and...
  9. B

    M156 Dipstick Popping / PCV Valve

    Hi, just some general info that may assist others one day. M156 Engine, 112,000 miles - Dipstick popping out under full load. Suspected PCV Valve blocked. No codes of whistling noise tho. Replaced it (it's not too bad on the ML to do, more room between bulkhead engine). Blew threw it...
  10. SilverSaloon

    W124 self levelling valve stripped threads. Which size tap?

    Replaced the SLS lines today on my 1994 W124 estate. However on the levelling value to one of the main 6mm pipes, the threads are stripped. I want to repair this with helicoil, but need to know the type and size of the union/bolt for that part... (ie size and whether its metric/imperial...
  11. T

    Valve Covers.

    I went to the Garage to check tyre pressures and found with the chrome valve stem covers, the air hose would not go down far enough to inflate the tyres, so after removing the said valve covers all was ok. I have had a few Mercedes and this is the first time this problem has occurred. So i...
  12. S

    can use exhaust control valve on CLS350 CGI?

    Hi Members, My name is Andy and I recently registered on the forum. I'm excited to join and looking forward to a long stay. I drive a Merc CLS350 CGI (British Specs), on my side these are not many and very slim, but worshoped by many, he he he :thumb:!!! I wanted to check with you guys and...
  13. T

    switch over valve

    hi, i am looking for a switch over valve for my motorhome which has a 300d engine and automatic gearbox fitted the switch over valve controls the vacuum going to the automatic gearbox and is located next to the throttle linkage on top of the engine my engine number is 617919003005779...
  14. A

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec 2011 quantity control valve ?

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the following to engine management codes; P025218 and P025219 both mention the quantity control valve but I am at a loss, no clue what the quantity control valve is. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. A

    Valve body A1683705506

    I am looking for a new gearbox valve body/ecu for my A160. Part number A 168 370 55 06. Thanks
  16. J

    EGR Valve Help Hi first of all sorry if this subject has already been covered. I'm trying to get to the bottom of a fault I have on my 2000 V220 Cdi. I won't go into too much detail about the fault but I'm trying to find the EGR valve in order to clean it...
  17. ray d

    Exhaust upgrade help needed with butterfly valve

    Hi all, re my title I am thinking of getting a new exhaust system (new x pipe and power flow silencers) but am at a loss as what to do with the butterflyes in the rear boxes. So if anyone has modded their exhausts I would be great full as to how you got round that issue please Ta Ray D
  18. S

    722.6 valve body

    Hi everyone. Does anybody know that.if you buy a new valve body it needs to be coded to that vehicle?
  19. T

    W124 E300D 24 Valve What is the correct gearbox code for the auto box?

    Anyone out there know what the gearbox code is for the W124 E300D 24valve automatic gear-box. I'm keen to source a replacement for mine as forward gears have stopped working on mine.

    Mercedes ABC valve block

    Hello, Just came across Mercedes CL with new type ABC valve block - picture ( ) Has somebody ever tried to dismantle this type of valve block ? It seems that without...
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