1. C

    swing away for sprinter van

    Hi Guys looking for the swing away featured in this video struggling to find one in the uk any help appreciated skip to 3.30 to see the swing arm [YOUTUBE]] http://
  2. MancMike

    Van ploughs into pedestrians in North London, Finsbury Park mosque

    Details still emerging. One arrested. Finsbury Park Mosque: 'Several hurt' as van hits pedestrians - BBC News :(
  3. developer

    I Think This Guy Needs A Van

    Or an E Class at least... I wonder how far he got :crazy:.
  4. gr1nch

    Is this Lincolnshire Ice Cream Van the world's smallest?

    Spotted yesterday in Louth. The owner told me over a coffee ice cream cone (and flake naturally!) that he was originally looking for a Mini flat bed / pick up van for fishing. This was the only one he could find and he got it to modify. Trouble was his wife took a shine to it, meaning they kept...
  5. Gaz-M

    VITO W447- New Van Points, and Some Mods Advice..?

    After buying my new Vito 116 a few months ago Im still loving it. A few minor things Ive noticed though and wondered if any other owners have the same thing... 1: I get a static shock nearly every time I get out the van- very obvious! 2: Whirring noise from brakes if braking hard at...
  6. M

    Man and a van? Courier? OR taxi? services? in Shropshire Shrewsbury Ellesmere SY12?

    Any brainstormers? I need: Man and a van? Courier? OR taxi? services? in Shropshire Shrewsbury Ellesmere postcode SY12? To pick up a not so big box thats weighs 12kgs & forward it to me via drop off service point post office UPS hermes etc... as I am In London. they would need to have...
  7. R

    Advice on buying a 2011 Vito van

    I'm in the market for replacing my work van and have benn looking at a 2011 Vito van 113cdi are they reliable anything to watch out for and do they have the om651engine with the timing chain problems that many have suffered?
  8. Marvin16x

    My brain says I should leave Germany to live in a van in the UK

    Hi all, I want to keep this as short as possible. I'm very unhappy with my life here in Germany and have been for many years now. I'm only 23 but could never really get along with the lifestyle of the western youth (submissively obey, party hard on the we, not care about anything etc). When I...
  9. M

    2017 Mercedes Marco Polo HORIZON Van Overview - Video

  10. J

    Van led lighting

    Looking at putting led lighting in the back of a sprinter van to replace strip lights. Has anyone done this, if so where did you buy them from.
  11. 0

    307D van relay??

    Hello. I have a Hymer Camper based on a 307d vanMB chassis. Does anyone know what is the function of the relay indicated by the red arrow. Thanks in advance.It is not, indicator, headlamp flash, emergency flash.
  12. M

    Mercedes Vision Van research vehicle Unveiling - Video

    Mercedes Vision Van research vehicle Unveiling [YOUTUBE HD]VT_EYUxMZWs[/YOUTUBE HD]
  13. brucemillar

    Thats a good looking van. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  14. Scooby_Doo

    6 Days & 250 miles & a Renault Van

    :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash: Not much to say really, turning right, indicators on , stationary because there's a car coming in the opposite direction - Renault Boxvan coming behind oooooooooooooooooooohh.
  15. Happytalk73

    Will these Wheels fit 2016 Vito Van (W447)

    As per title, will these do the job? 17" MULTISPOKE STYLE ALLOY WHEELS FITS MERCEDES BENZ E, CLASS B CLASS C CLASS | eBay I've messaged the seller and they have said yes but I notice the offset is 35 :dk: If they do fir can anyone tell me what size and load tyre to search for? I'm MORE than...
  16. KoFidee

    Van Experience 2016

    Anyone going? Will be there on the Wednesday 22nd Exclusive to Merc the full complex this year! :bannana:
  17. V

    Is 250k KM worrying amount on a MB 410d 1995 van?

    Seen a van I am after - it has 250k km on the clock (not miles). I heard some of these engines are indestructable. Is 250k a lot???? Or should I not worry?
  18. V

    General question on MB 507d van engine..

    Hi new member here and hopefully a new MB owner too. I am looking at the 507d van from around 1990s, found one I like, seems to be in good condition, but someone advised me that the 70 horse power engine will be very noisy due to it revving fast and high. But I should look at the 611 (6 ton 111...
  19. P

    Chevrolet Astro Day Van, only covered 50k, LPG converted, great fun!

    Chevrolet Astro Day Van, LPG,Only 50k Miles, Amazing Spec, lots of parts inc | eBay
  20. Benzmanc

    Never ride in the back of a van.....

    ...apologies for the language but it was too good not to share
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