1. AMGeed

    Another bonnet Star vandalised

    The second time for the W211 and once on my W210. First time on my driveway and it really does anger me this senseless vandalism of other people's property. A baseball bat across the face is too good for these scum.
  2. Smarties

    UK's Most Vandalised Car Named

    Now, here is a suprise....Fiat 500 named the most vandalised car on UK roads - Yahoo! Cars And no Benz
  3. Smarties

    UK's Most Vandalised Car Named

    Now, here is a suprise....Fiat 500 named the most vandalised car on UK roads - Yahoo! Cars And no Benz
  4. E

    My 190 vandalised - advice RE windows please

    So, came out of work yesterday to find both passenger side windows smashed and a nice dent in the rear passenger door of my baby This is how she looks at the moment: No windscreen cover on my insurance policy, stupidly. Autoglass wanted £430! So off the the breakers yard. Secured front...
  5. H

    ok someone vandalised my clk

    ok woke up this morning looked out window and looked at my car to notice wiper blades were up.. i thought hmm.. went outside closer inspection and find the wing mirror has been snapped someone tried to pull the wipers off and bent them in the process and they have scratched the paint on the...
  6. C240Sport97

    E230 (210) driver's wing mirror vandalised

    Parked the dear old shed near the LSE last Friday (4 Dec 09) night. Mirrors electrically folded in. One of the the reasons I have a 13 year old P reg Merc is to not attract attention ... Came back after dinner around midnight, driver's door mirror hanging by the wires only. It had been...
  7. S

    vandalised wing mirror on new c class

    Hey peeps, my first post here, hope someone can help I've just to found half my wing mirror on my driveway and the other half hanging - i managed to clip the 2 bits together. the electric mirror still works and the glass is intact and i think the shell seems ok as well. the bit thats...
  8. J

    Rear light vandalised?

    I came out to the car this morning and the rear LED light cover was on the floor and the unit its self had disappeared in to the area behind it, is access to the boot or car possible from there? Oddly enough I saw another W209 tonight with the exact same thing, rear light completely missing...
  9. P

    Car Vandalised...

    A few weeks ago my car was scratched all over...yes every panel apart from the roof. Second time its happened in three years...I mean if the person was so hard surely he would front me and have a face to face but in this day and age we are living in a country of cowards who use guns and hide...
  10. D

    Another Car Vandalised

    Downside 2 screws in nsf tire and 1 hole in each front indicator lense on my W124 estate. Indicators £61 for 2 at MB Canary Wharf and tire repaired for £19 at National. All damage incurred in south london (i think). Punture was v slow and I only checked the lights when the warning light...
  11. C

    CLK Vandalised!!!!!

    Hi, A couple of weeks ago, my 01' CLK which for the first in 3 months was parked on the street outside my house instead of on my drive (BIG MISTAKE) :mad: :mad: and was vandalised by some kids, trying to have the badges off!!!!! As you would imagine I was not best pleased and am still...
  12. Rasputin


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