1. M

    vaneo valve body removal

    hello,every one,i am trying to remove the valve body from my vaneo 1.7 automatic,but it does not move at all. i have removed all the screws but cannot get it to budge at all. What am i missing? many thks
  2. V

    MB Vaneo replace instrument Cluster with tablet

    Dear MBclub members its my first post here. I'm an owner of a 2005 W414 Vaneo that I've had for over 8 years now. Its the most compact 7 seater with sliding doors and I've travelled all over Europe with it. Recently I've started having niggles with the instrument cluster (the perennial...
  3. sprinterich

    ATF Change on a Vaneo, Fluid?

    Hi I have a 2004 Vaneo automatic. I have no record of an atf change and sometimes feel the fluid is a bit tired, Firstly does anyone know the correct fluid? (I hear you all saying go to the mb dealer but they have tried to sell me the wrong fluid for autos before and frankly don't seem to know...
  4. sprinterich

    Vaneo cdi automatic gearbox info needed

    Hi All, I have just got myself a little 7 seater vaneo, can anyone tell me what gearbox they put in these as it doesn't look like the 4hp-20 that was in my vito, I am interested to know what the box is so I can look up how to change the atf and what atf to use, it feels a bit like a cross...
  5. J

    Vaneo bonnet release

    Hello... I have a 2003 vaneo and I'm having difficulty opening the bonnet. The release catch seems to have resistance when I pull it.. But previously it has taken me a good 20 mins to get it released now it's not happening at all. Any ideas. Much appreciated Janine
  6. R

    wanted vaneo

    Hi I am looking for mercedes vaneo. It must be auto I would prefer a 7 seater. Will travel and pay good price for the right vehicle.
  7. J

    Vaneo 1.7 cdi loses power

    Hi, I have a vaneo 1.7cdi trend 7 seater. 03. I have discovered that when on the motorway if there's a slight incline there is no power in fact it starts to slow down and that's with only 1 rear seat in. Any ideas?? Thank you Janine
  8. W

    Vaneo Dashboard

    Have a 2002 1.7dci Vaneo. The mileometer etc display has just gone off. Speedo works ok. Seems like an electrical problem, can anyone tell me what to look for. Fuse locations in German Thanks
  9. S

    Mercedes Vaneo Mileage odometer too dim to be seen

    Hi I set the clock on my car & I cant seem to read the mileage or the clock any more, the other dashboard lights work fine other than these is there a dimmer setting or is there a bulb away ? I have a 04 plate Vaneo any help would be grateful Stu
  10. J


    I've got a 1.6 petrol vaneo and keep getting a tapping noise from the engine it will do it for a day then stop for a few weeks then start tapping again then stop has any one got any ideas what the problem could be thanks
  11. T

    Vaneo A414 Topping out at 4000 RPM

    Hello, The Vaneo again. 1.7CDI, Manual, Diesel, 2002, A-Class, 150K+ miles. I had this problem last summer, then it went away and just returned during the nice weather. Car starts fine generally and no issue. Plenty revs and pull etc. When I get about 5 miles up the road, presumably...
  12. Dave Richardson

    Vito / Vaneo cool box

    I'm looking for a 12v cool box which is generally used in a vito or vaneo. anyone have 1 in the garage or can help?:dk: e mail me [email protected]
  13. R

    Vaneo Seats

    :dk: I've got a vaneo Family 1.9 and i can remove all my rear seats for cargo apart from the twin seats behind passenger. my manual tells me it's the same procedure as the single behind driver, but i'm having no luck. Anyone out there got suggestions? :thumb:
  14. V

    Vaneo - to buy or not to buy

    Hi, technically not quite a merc owner yet (smartcar) Eyeing up the Vaneo as the next motor (7 seats etc) but have yet to read a decent owner review. Most talk about poor build quality, gearbox probs etc, can anyone beg to differ?? Would be good to hear from an owner... Thanks
  15. A

    Vaneo rear tires!

    I seem to be going through tires on the rear of my vaneo pretty quickly. The inner quater of the tires wear and yet another mot failiure due to the rears! I know there's a decent camber on the rear and thats gotta be the reason for the shocking wear rate but.... I'm wondering if anything can be...
  16. V

    Vaneo 1.7 cdi M.P.G.

    Just bought a 1.7 cdi Vaneo trend ! its 2004 ex police 96000 mls. Its had a good service but the best mpg i can get out of it is 36 mpg gentle 55 mph driving. Mercedes figures are 39city 47urban and 55 extra urban. Can anyone with similar advise me what is correct please Thanks and...
  17. V

    3rd row seat vaneo wanted

    Scarce 3rd row seat for vaneo needed appreciate any leads regards vince
  18. D

    Vaneo, 1.7cdt.

    My wife has the above car but we got no handbooks!! What I really need is a fuse box diagram as the windscreen washers have packed up, it seems to have upset the wiper function as well! I know the box is in the footwell but alas no layout :doh: Personally I run a modded Smart cabby and love it...
  19. T

    Vaneo Diesel 1.7 CDi Excessive Smoke

    OK, before you start the slagging me, I am a Vaneo owner. I have an 02 Vaneo diesel 1.7CDi. 85K miles. We've had it since new. Recently I've been getting excessive blue / grey smoke. The exhaust pipe is sooty, rather than oily. Smoke is prevalent when pulling off cold, increasingly smokes...
  20. D

    Vaneo 1.7 CDI 2003

    Anyone know of any problems with fuel injectors mine needs 4 new ones after only 43000 miles
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