1. Blackcab

    Passenger side vanity mirror w09

    Passenger side vanity mirror w209 I have a broken vanity mirror, does anyone know how I could get hold of one please it's the fold down bit as well. Will I have to buy the whole visor. ty
  2. M

    CLS DS Vanity Mirror

    So I have 7 years bad luck coming! Has anyone successfully tracked down replacement mirrors ever. Dealer will only sell me complete visor for £90 odd quid plus vat and they're almost as expensive online and I don't need a full visor just the mirror. Has anyone tried cutting a replacement...
  3. David404

    Vanity mirror light W211

    Hi Folks Just fixed the vanity mirror light on my W211, seems like a common problem but didn't see any posts with pictures so thought I'd post. First try - replace bulb, always start with the obvious. But in tjis case still no go. Get multimmeter and chack voitage at bulb terminals, yes...
  4. K

    12v present, lamp ok but does not light? Interior vanity mirror

    This is a strange one: Both my sun visors have a vanity mirror and the light in the roof lining comes on, but only on the drivers side? Swapped both lamp holders around although both do work on the drivers side only and both bulbs work fine. Both sides have 12v+ present when the flap is...
  5. S

    W202 vanity light

    Changing my vanity mirrors for one with lights, though I can not find where to connect the cable. On the back of the interior lights there are no connection points. Any suggestions is reg sept 96.
  6. D

    passenger vanity mirror

    doe anyone know where I can purchase a replacement vanity mirror for a 320cls and how difficult is it to replace? Thanks in advance.
  7. Taipan

    A209 no sun visor vanity light?

    Hi All The previous owner told me the sunvisor light(s?) don't work but flicker occasionally. Didn't think it would bother me but it does as my daughter said, "Mums car has lights on her sunvisors". I cant have a Merc outclassed by a Mini! ;) So I went through the full diagnostics of...
  8. TrickyTrev

    Wanted w211 passenger side sun visor vanity mirror cover

    Long title but you you get the gist. Broken the little plastic vanity mirror flap / cover In grey, so anyone who might have one please get in touch. Cheers Trev
  9. mr tibbs

    Wanted please. Vanity mirror cover

    Hi all I am looking for the vanity mirror cover for our W210 E320 Elegance. It is a 2002 facelift model and so far I have bought a visor but it was the wrong one (too long for our car) and a cover that was too short to cover the mirror and didn't have the tab to switch on the light. Does anyone...
  10. paulgorringe

    Vanity Light problem

    Hi all, Hopefully this is going to be easy to solve but at the moment I am completely baffled by it. The passenger vanity light does not work on my 2005 W209 CLK500 I have two good bulbs (confirmed by fitting in drivers side) I have tested voltage at the bulb holder and can confirm that I...
  11. P

    Fuse for vanity mirrors on W211 E Class

    Does anybody know the location of this please? Also what else is it linked to please?
  12. shanksy

    W124 Vanity Mirror Loom

    Hi all, Just picked up a couple of illuminated vanity mirros, does anyone have the loom to connect up to the dome light ? Thanks
  13. finisterre

    vanity plate - guess the owner!

    and it is nice to see it too.
  14. S

    W210 Vanity Mirror Cover Flap Repair

    W210 Vanity Mirror Flap Repair Out of the two W210 E class Mercedes I have owned the flap that covers the vanity mirror on the sun visor has been broken. Also a friend’s C Class had the same issue so maybe it’s a more common problem than I first thought! Any way Ebay prices start from...
  15. N

    W126 Orion grey illuminated vanity mirrors with wiring loom.

    Working & in perfect condition with the two clips through which they are 'parked' & powered, the original MB wiring loom & the middle sunshade for behind the mirror. The indentation you can see on the bottom L of the top visor is from the black clip in the picture which the PO used for keeping...
  16. stevieb15

    HS2, another expensive vanity project

    It's reported the government will today announce the go ahead for the next two phases of the UK High Speed rail network, at the astounding cost of £32 billion. Having followed the debate such as its been, I've tried to ignore the NIMBY comments, valid thought they are, and the equally valid...
  17. I

    Sun Visor vanity mirror plastic gone brittle

    The whole sun visor vanity mirror mechanism has gone brittle and is falling apart on my '05 CL500. Is this a common problem and any suggestions on where to source something like this? My interior is cream. I
  18. M

    W124 Illuminated vanity mirror wiring loom

    I've already got a set of sun visors with the illuminated vanity mirrors, but need the wiring loom, and a set of the clips with the electrical contacts in them (Beige/Mushroom colour) Thanks in advance. James.
  19. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 Vanity Mirrors In Walnut

    How much :eek: Mercedes W124 Vanity Mirrors In Walnut | eBay UK
  20. M

    vanity light will not work

    Hi all, On my w208 clk, the vanity light wil not switch on on the passangers side, I have changed the blub and cannot find any blown fuses. Any ideas on what might be wrong? Thanks Imran
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