1. G

    eBay camper vans

    Hi All Can someone please put me out of my misery. I have been looking at camper vans on eBay now for about 8 weeks, I keep seeing the same ones going through again and again but on different eBay user accounts but more often than not the same email address which is requested as the preferred...
  2. V


    Hi All I'm looking for some help on potential purchase of a sprinter. I'm looking for a used van and need some info on the best engines and what to steer clear off. Potentially a 313 or 316 mwb high roof . Which forum would be best to post my query in ? Cheers Vin
  3. Gollom

    Camper Vans again!

    I have been constantly surprised at just what the breadth of knowledge is on this forum, so here goes... Come across what looks like a very good buy, but finding specs has proved to be difficult. It is an Elnagh Marlin 57. Anybody know anything about these? Or better at searching the web than...
  4. Charles Morgan


    A new business opportunity aka an opportunity to squander more money has turned up and we need a van. Sort of Transit sized, cheap £2-3k, comfortable, economical and reliable and not riddled with rust. I know nothing about vans and I won't be driving it.
  5. M

    Messages on back off vans

    Just seen this one No pork pies stored in this van overnight Get your own chips :0)
  6. developer

    Virgin Media Vans

    Round these parts, Branson's boys vans have taken to being named (ala Eddie Stobart lorries) above the windscreen. Names with the word van or something connected seems to be the theme. I can't help thinking they haven't thought this through properly as (unlike Eddie) there's not a lot of...
  7. E CLASS

    Unusal camper vans!

    A must for all you touring types...
  8. V

    CV Show Birmingham

    we're going to the CV Show in Birmingham this April 12-14. What can we ask the industry on your behalf? Let us know and we’ll ask the experts for you. stay tuned! for further info have a look at CV Show 2011 |
  9. Noodle-Pulp

    2nd hand Commercial cars, vans etc

    Near where I live there's a second hand car dealer - sells old tat that none of us locals would touch with a bargepole.. The fact that they're still going strong after 10 years but we never see any customers, test drives, or sales taking place just reeks of dodginess in my eyes..anyway...
  10. KNU7S

    Question about Vans and what is it worth

    Hi all, im not really into vans but i bought a cheap van last week and need to know what its worth. 2006 56 plate Peugeot Partner 93,000 just 3 years old (no mot and tax) needs a clutch. but fully stamped up dealer history I took it for a MOT and it failed on the rear silencer and a bulb...
  11. JumboBeef

    3.5 tonne vans to be limited?

    During my W124's MOT today (it passed!:thumb:), the MOT tester was saying that from next year, all 3.5 tonne (and over) vans will be limited to 56mph. Anyone know if this is true?
  12. S

    How far can safety camera vans see

    Okay I'll admit it. I got a little bit carried away on the M9 near dunblane and in the very far distance >1mile I saw a safety camera van parked up in the bridge (on the pavement). I assume that if I could see it, its radar (or whatever) would see me. I slowed down pretty quickly but would it...
  13. dougal74

    Equipment Codes for vans

    In the process of purchasing a van for my mum to do lots of removals work for her...don't ask! I have had a search through old threads and come up with a blank on van codes. I have put the Sprinter details into the Russian site (which I am sure is meant for cars) and got: - VIN...
  14. nick mercedes

    while the police sit in anpr vans on bypasses....

    While the diligent police busy themselves hunting for people with no mot or expired tax discs.... "Police priority for fraud investigation is low - in fact it isn't on their list of priorities," said Mr Kirk." "If you were an ordinary member of public taking your complaint about a fraud...
  15. BTB 500

    Electric vans

    Starting to see these more often in London, hope they fare better in crash tests than the infamous G-Wiz?! Pret A Manger have them: Quite neat little things, do I remember hearing that free parking was being scrapped for electric vehicles though?
  16. E

    Talivan (camera vans)

    Has anyone used the M42 southbound near 4a lately? :eek:
  17. D

    Camera Vans

    Millbank Westwards Today 1000am. Van with one rear door open police markings something inside pointing back towards oncoming traffic. I may have been snapped! Eek! First Time in 8 years driving in the UK too! What makes this especially devious is that there is one camera there already and...
  18. M

    Speed camera vans

    I went passed a speed camera van the other day that was parked on the opposite side of the road, thought I was on a 40mph limit but was 30mph. Do they do the on coming traffic or both?
  19. N

    Vans - I know nothing! Advise from those who do?

    I have a friend who had been working for a start up 2 man delivery company as a driver/general grunt for a couple of weeks. His boss, a single chap with no family in the business or the area, had the misfortune to be killed in an accident just a few days ago. The co. they did the vast majority...
  20. glojo

    Builders Vans and VAT

    Help required, My brother-in-law is thinking of buying a new van for his business. The vehicle he is looking at has a row of seats behind the driver, plus windows for these passengers to look out of. The salesperson stated my brother-in-law could claim back the VAT, but when he checked...
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