1. normanh

    Variable steering

    I have a 2011 c204 220cdi my steering has gone stiff when stationary it seems to be ok when the car is being driven. I rang Mercedes and was told that it is a 'valve' that has gone defective in the steering rack, they describe the item as a valve repair kit but it is really a new valve priced at...
  2. Incredible vito

    how to clean variable vain turbo

    first of all make sure your car has a VNT turbo it should look like this notice how the exhaust side is much bigger. i found this video on you tube hope you find it helpful
  3. J

    variable valve timing sprockets??

    variable valve timing sprockets, what are they. Mercedes says my w204 needs them?? whining on cold start for about 20 secs??
  4. developer

    Variable Speed Gantry Cameras - some info

    I was at Autosport International last weekend, chatting to a couple of West Midlands police officers on their stand. I asked about the functionality of said cameras when the gantry speed limit signs appeared to be switched off, i.e, without a nominated maximum speed showing. They...
  5. S

    variable air con fan speed

    my car has the digital climate control system, This afternoon, the fan seems to have adopted a life of its own. with the aircon on auto, the fan speeds up as normal, with the black indicators matching the speed. but I notice that sometimes the speed fluctuates whilst the indicators havent...
  6. Peter T

    M1 Variable Speed Limits

    Took a trip from the midlands to London today, there and back on the M1. On the way there, the variable limits were in operation between Luton and Hemel, slowing us down to 50 for several miles. The gantry signs said something about an accident, but there was no evidence of one. No Police, no...
  7. A

    Variable intermittant wipers

    Would be possible to retro-fit variable delay intermittant wipers to my W168? My old Fiesta had this back in the 80's..:rolleyes:
  8. W

    210 service indicator: fixed or variable?

    Does anybody know if the service interval on the 210 is fixed mileage or variable mileage?
  9. S

    Variable Speed Limit Cameras - M1 Nottingham

    Hello All, I wondered if anyone could shed any light on the issue of the variable speed limit cameras near Nottingham on the M1? I regularly travel along this stretch of motorway with a work collegue early in the morning, around 0500hrs. The variable speed limit signs are rarely...
  10. R

    Is the level of Variable Power Sterring Assistance Adjustable?

    May seem a daft question, but I am new to my W211, and am 'disappointed' to find the car feels still feels heavy despite the dealers being unable to find anything wrong. The reason for the question is that I know that Skoda Octavia VRSs for example, have 'hidden menus' in their ECUs that allow...
  11. J

    E350 Variable Brake Lights

    Anyone else noticed a change in the bright LED brake lights? I used to chuckle when stopping at traffic lights at cars that insisted on tucking up my rear end only for them to cover their faces with their hands due to the mega bright brake LEDS but I noticed a change in how they come on now. I...
  12. G

    W124 E280 variable intake system

    For the past 5 months my E280 (W124) has not missed a beat, no fault codes. Perfect, except for one thing, it doesn’t have typical mid ranch punch that it should i.e. the surge at 3500 rpm. This car seems to pick up at about 4500 rpm, a 1000rpm later than it should. Personally, I’m convinced...
  13. saorbust

    M6 Toll Road Variable Speed Cameras

    Anyone know if these things are armed, if they are showing nothing (in other words national speed limit applies) Driving back from Knutsford today, noted an awful lot of people on the toll road going rather rapidly, and seemingly ignoring the cameras. If it did pop up with a Red Circle and a...
  14. owensmith

    Merc Variable Valve Timing Vs Vanos

    Hi Im new to this group just lookin for some unanswered questions! I have been wondering what is the difference between the merc and bmw valve timing as when you chip tune mercs and bmws they both act different the mercs seem to drink alot more but when you do it to a bmw they actually give you...
  15. M

    Assyst Variable Servicing

    I appreciate that there is a great deal of discussion on these forum about variable servicing, but I remain confused, probably because so much as been said about it.I have just had a service B done on my w203. Following guidance from some of the threads I specificaly asked the stealer to ensure...
  16. S

    How Variable is a Variable Servicing interval

    I've just spent several hours at Mercedes Birmingham trying to work out why my car thinks it needs a service after only 9000 odd miles. Given that I drive a E320 CDI and allot of my mileage is motorway (about 300 miles per week, aprox 190m of which is motorway, 75m dual carriageway (40-50mph)...
  17. R

    A150 - Variable Transmission?

    Due to ongoing problems with my Smart Roadster which I've concluded was built on a Friday afternoon by careless, left handed monkeys who were drunk I've been issued with an A Class 'courtesy' car. This 1000 mile, 07 reg A150 Elegance is automatic, and if I put my foot hard down the revs jump...
  18. M

    230TE variable idle speeds

    Hi all I am new to Mercedes and have just bought a '93 230TE. Really love the car...111K and good service history. I have noticed that the idle speed seems to vary. On starting it can be as low as 500-600rpm but when the car has been running it soon seems to settle on about 1100 in Drive but...
  19. marc777

    M25 variable speed limits and cameras

    When the gantry indicates a new lower limit of say 50mph, do the cameras on the gantry know this new limit or are they pre-set to 70mph+ Marc
  20. C

    Variable number of rungs on radiator grills - why?

    Not the most important thing in the world, but does anyone know if there is any rhyme or reason to the number of "rungs" that Mercedes put on the radiator grills? My 1997 E320 Avantgarde has 5 rungs (6 spaces), whereas a neighbour's 2002 E-class Avantgarde (no badge on back so not sure of...
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