1. BIG_G_1979

    E Class engine variant

    Hi guys just a quick question regarding the w211 320/280 cdi sport, i thought the 320 meant 3.2 v6 engine and 280 meant 2.8 v6 is this not the case? please tell me more thanks in advance
  2. Vito

    Which R129 Variant To Buy ?

    I have had my very reliable R107 for many years now and experienced very few problems with it , due to the fact that if serviced regularly little can go wrong with this model. Which model of the R129 suffers from the least problems ,always assuming it has had a reasonable amount of care during...
  3. DRBC43AMG

    C43+ KW Variant 2 suspension

    I am in the process of installing KW suspension on my c43 and will be finishing in 10 days or so when I get out of cardiac rehab and the chance of picking up my spanners.... I have already installed the rear suspension and I am a bit in the wild concerning base hight measurement between the...
  4. M

    Front bumper insert c124 (post 93 facelift variant pleaase)

    Title says it all. Not worried about colour; just that it is half decent condition and can be re-sprayed without too much effort. cheers matt
  5. m2mb

    pre or post face lift variant E220 cdi

    Help please !!! Are the details below showing a pre or post car/facelift w211???? Model variant name: E220 Cdi Elegance Madel variant system setup date: 03 May 2006 Model variant visibility date: 1 May 2006 (Vin is WDB2110082bxxx, xxx my edit) Production date shown as 2007. first UK...
  6. M

    Hi / variant number

    Evening, new member with a couple of quick questions : - Tried to edit my profile - can't - error message comes up you don't have authority ? I can see that most threads reference the vehicles by variant number. Just wondered how I find out what the reference is for my E 250d coupe please...
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