1. W

    insurance variations day to day

    SLK insurance is due. 2 weeks ago the best quote was from Admiral for £280, today the quote from Admiral is £377, with the cheapest being £350. The renewal isn't for another 2 weeks, so I'm destined to play daily roulette re-quoting, hoping for a quote nearer the original £280. I've not...
  2. R

    560 m117 engine variations

    Hi I'm looking looking at buying a 560 SEC and just have a few questions regarding the engine change over. One car i'm looking at is a 1988/89 F reg when i've compared the engine to a 1990 model G reg theres noticeable differences in some components and layout under the bonnet. I presume...
  3. gina2201

    w202, engine variations

    ok, so I have had two w202's, one C200 and one C230K, both great, c230k one of the best cars/engines I've had. Cannot seem to find another kompressor to the same spec as mine anywhere so am looking at C280's, C240's and did see a C180 which looked like a good buy, but fear it may be...
  4. T

    211 E220CDi estate - variations in reliability?

    With a baby in tow and another on the way :eek: , its finally time for the wife and I to ditch the coupe :( (BMW330Ci) and join the ranks of estate owners. We plan to buy used-approved (preferably a 211), we're very keen on Mercs (and the Saab 9-5), and ordinarily wouldn't hesitate rushing out...
  5. M

    Maybach variations

    No idea if this made its way to the forum before .... wouldnt like to rehash the news. For more information. :rolleyes:
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