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    Would you recommend vBulletin?

    I have to put some forum software on my Website. I've had phpBB installed on my old site for a while, and it's worked OK, but I'm not 100% happy with it. As a user, I do like vBulletin (as used here). So a couple of Qs to TPTB here at MBClub: * easy to admin (FWIW, phpBB is fine for me)? *...
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    a couple of Vbulletin questions

    Hi, I am setting up a non car based discussion forum and grappling with vbulletin and databases for the first time. All is going well, but I have a couple of question for the gurus on this site. first of all, how do you change the forum logo from the default vbulletin one? Secondly, I...
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