1. P

    w202 C250TD on veg oil - water injection methods

    Ring gumming. Been reading various water injection threads with interest. One day I may set it all up properly with valves and pumps etc, but in the meantime, I was thinking pumped garden fence sprayer straight into plenum twice a year before the car's oil change and dino thrash. My question...
  2. ricardo62

    25 litres of veg in a tank

    Hi short quetion , i realise you cant run a common rail on pure veg , but will it be ok to put 25 litres in and top up with deisel to the brim ? just trying to save money ? veg in cash and carry is i believe around 70p a litre e320 cdi yr 2000
  3. C

    Can you run a 2002 e220 Cdi on veg oil?

    Hi all, I am new to Mercedes, and have just got a 02 plate e220 Cdi auto, A work colleague has told me I can run this on veg oil, without any modifications. Can anyone confirm this, and if not is it possible to run on veg oil with modifications? Thanks
  4. Nastynick

    W124 E300D engine same as W210 E300TD?

    I have a '99 S210 E300TD and was wondering if it is the same engine (minus turbo) that went into the 124 Series E300D and also would it lend itself to running on Veg oil? Also, what would I need to do to the engine to make this happen if anything? Car journalist and fanatic Jonny Smith...
  5. 8

    W202 C250TD run on veg oil?

    Does anyone run their's on veg oil of any mix? Usually if they have an old style diesel engine with a bosch fuel pump they are fine 50/50 mix with no mods at all, thought id ask as Asda have it on offer at 40p a litre at the moment. Thanks
  6. Gollom

    20 ltr veg oil in box £19.39

    Not sure if that is an especially good price. It is on offer at Makro from 4th - 10th Jan I have a card for Preston if anybody would like to get some I am happy to meet up
  7. 219

    Veg oil burner ?

    I've just been offered a late ( V Reg ) W124 E250D , which is one of the Indian built ones after production ceased in Europe . This is a manual car with the OM602 normally aspirated engine , just under 100K on the clock and has been SORN for the past year or so since the one elderly owner...
  8. T

    Can I use new veg oil

    Hi Can anyone let me know if I can use new clean veg oil to run my car. 1997 e300 td elegance w210. If you could let me know without getting too technical that would be great. Thanks
  9. corned

    CDIs and veg oil. Again.

    Stimulated into action by VTD's unleaded thread, I pose this conundrum to the forum. (Actually I did post about it on a thread several weeks ago, but it didn't attract any attention). The little poser for you is this: In £ terms, what damage does running a CDI on WVO, chip fat, lard, meths...
  10. mymini007

    Veg oil?

    I am looking again at selling my CLK, to get an old diesel, can anyone tell me if a an old merc diesel will run on veg oil without modification Thanks
  11. G

    veg oil in CDI diesels

    Folks A number of people have warned me off using veg oil in a modern common rail diesel. What I'm interested in finding out is WHY? What problems are associated with using veg oil and/or biodiesel in these engines? cheers Dave
  12. M

    A few veg oil questions

    Hi all, I've been busy reading up on the various veg oil threads on here as that was one of the main reasons I bought the W210. I ran my old Scorpio on well filtered and de-watered waste veg oil for over 30,000 miles with no issues but fancied something a bit more reliable (I hope ;)) Anyway...
  13. coupe deville

    Fifth Gear tonight-Merc on veg oil

    Tonights fifth gear features a merc [didn't say what model] running on veg oil, as I know some of you do , it should be of interest
  14. D

    Older merc for running veg - what's best?

    Just wanted to say hello (first post) and ask a little about maybe getting an older merc that can run on veg oil. I currently run a Mitsubishi L200 pickup on veg oil. I have a twin tank and run one 100% waste vegetable oil when the engine is warm. I have been doing this for the last year or so...
  15. gina2201

    A 190 diesel on veg?

    Hi, I have been asked at work if I knew if a Merc 190 diesel would be ok to run on veg. Now, I'm no expert (far from it) so I'm asking you guys! Also if any other cars, not necesarily a Merc could run on it relatively easily, he was mentioning Peugeots etc etc, any advice welcome. And what/where...
  16. T

    still leaking veg.........

    im still leaking veg after replacing all the main fuel seal with viton although not the delivery valve seals. i think there might be a small leak from these but is not the main leak and i have noticed my mpg has dropped. has anyone solved their veg leak problems permenantely? silver saloon...?
  17. Timster

    Veg Oil

    Hi There. I'm thinking of starting to use Veg oil to run my W124 (250 TD) Is it legal in UK? I've seen varying opinions, and am struggling to find out the truth. I've done this before with a similar model when living in Germany, it ran well on 100%, (SVO) so I'm not looking so much for...
  18. T

    Waste Veg Oil supply

    i have a E300d and want to run my car on WVO for the long motorway miles i will soon be doing. i am not one of the new (veg)oil barons that is popping up and taking free oil from a generous supplier and selling it on ebay for profit. About to start my veg project in the car and will need...
  19. T

    got a new E300D OM606 - any veg tips?

    just got a diesel 24v W124 and very happy with it. It is completely different to the sporty jap cars i have previously owned but i am soon to start doing major mileage which is why i bought the W124 and plan to go veg. i have done some general research on veg cars and merc diesels as i...
  20. J

    Has Anyone Run A E220 On Veg Oil!

    Hi all, just would like to know if anyone has or knows anyone who has run there e220 on veg oil, if they have have they encountered any problems! Thanks for all replys Gino
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