1. A

    Vegetable oil, cooking oil, WVO!

    I make biodiesel, aka methyl esters / B100. Or rather I did ... until I lost my supplier of used veg. oil. So I am on a quest, in search of oily waste to turn into my 'liquid gold'. And I don't mean these golden shower.:confused: If anyone has a...
  2. Charles Morgan

    Vegetable oil for my 300D

    Popped into Quality Stores, a great indian food retailer / wholesaler, for some things for dinner and noticed that I could buy veg oil for just over £1 a litre in 20 litre cans (rapeseed and sunflower oil was a bit more expensive, but not much) and thought, 40 p a litre saving is nothing to be...
  3. 420SE

    50/50 diesel and vegetable oil in post-2000 CDI engines?

    I was putting the shopping away in Tescos, when a gent who parked his Peugeot 406 HDI next to our C220 CDI (2001) came back with a trolley piled high with veggie oil. He proceeded to empty five 5 litre bottles of veg oil into his tank. I started a conversation and he said he's been using...
  4. W

    using vegetable oil in diesel engine ?

    what would i need to do to run my 2003 ml270 on vegetable oil if it is at all possible as i have been told by a work colleage that he is running his mercedes on it :dk:
  5. M

    C250TD (w202) - Direction of flow through heater assy?

    Hi, I have a 99 C250TD on which I'm doing a conversion to run it on vegetable oil. I have a flat plate heat exchanger to fit in parallel with the heater matrix so that the it is permanantly fed by hot coolant, but with all the duo-valves etc I can't work out where to 'Tee' into the coolant...
  6. M

    Duty free vegetable oil since 30th June 2007

    No big announcements were made but it has been legal to run a diesel on vegetable/ cooking oil since 30th June 2007 without paying any fuel duty as long as you use less than 2500 litres per annum, (over 20,000 miles at 40mpg). DieselVeg Seems quite a few older Mercs can be converted:-...
  7. I

    Anyone running an E300TD W210 on vegetable oil?

    Anyone tried it and at what ratios? I've done about 20 000 miles on PSA IDI engines at 90-100% and wondered how the mercedes compared.
  8. phoenix_nights

    Mercedes 220D Vegetable oil

    Was reading somewhere about a guy who runs his 1970 mercedes on vegetable oil ( a mixture of oil and diesel in winter) and how he fills up at the local LIDL store. Anyone know much about this. Besides the smell there must be some reason why all indirect injection diesel engines are not...
  9. 230K

    Home heating Oil price/ Vegetable oil price

    Hi Have been quoted £400 for 1000L of home heating oil, does anyone know how much 1000L of vegetable oil would be and does anyone know who does bulk deliveries. Contemplating running the rayburn on vegetable oil?? 230K
  10. markheaney2

    vegetable oil

    i am currently running on tesco vegetable oil my car is a 124 e300 diesel 1995 multivalve i am currently putting 50 percent veg 50 percent diesel does anyone know if i can put 100 percent veg in the car drives exactly the same at the moment what are the down sides if any to running on veg it is...
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