1. J

    Sales of new cars plummet as vehicle tax increase comes into force
  2. Torque Steer

    Vehicle build spec Data card

    Hi there, could someone please provide the data card details for my C180 cgi 2011. Vin no.WDD2042492F661582 Many thanks Paul
  3. J

    Buying/selling a vehicle

    Afternoon all When i am looking to purchase a vehicle i will always check Ebay AutoTrader PistonHeads and car and classic, If ever i sell a car i will use Ebay Ph and Car and classic but not AutoTrader due to the cost Was out with a couple of friends (non petrol heads) and both stated they only...
  4. Gaz-M

    Run in procedure on new vehicle?

    What is the run-in procedure on a new motor, I have a new Vito (2.2cdi 163bhp) going on the road 1st March (next Wed)? I surely want to put some miles on the engine before I go booting it or towing my trailer!? Wasnt there an early oil change on new motors too?
  5. M

    Info source for individual vehicle's spec & equipmnt?

    hi, just wondering if a database available to cross ref Reg number and equipment list eg cruise, airbags, park sensors etc. Lots of sellers don't provide full info, so comparing vans in same price range is s very time consuming. Thanks very much for any help !:thumb:
  6. S

    Viano - Random Alarm From Rear Of Vehicle

    Hi all, We have just had a 2005 Viano import converted to a motorhome. There is a single tone alarm that sounds randomly when driving. It sounds as though it is coming from the rear of the van on the left hand side, possibly where the rear air con unit is housed. There are no warning lights...
  7. D

    New Vehicle trial.....

    Next two days are big days.... I'm outgrowing the Volvo in terms of the kit that I carry in the boot. I've got more planned, which is going to cause me issues at overnight stops.... So my plan.... Is likely to mean that the Volvo is replaced by a ...... van...... Have to pick up some...
  8. D

    Long Vehicle....

    Moderately ingenious.
  9. M

    Mercedes Vision Van research vehicle Unveiling - Video

    Mercedes Vision Van research vehicle Unveiling [YOUTUBE HD]VT_EYUxMZWs[/YOUTUBE HD]
  10. 320 CLK

    Vehicle information from Chassis number.

    Hi. I got some time ago information on my W210 from the chassis number. It was great, gave the cars full spec. I can't remember where I got it. I know someone on here gave me the link. I have bought a nice 1998 C240 estate. It's a Japanese import. Would love to get the full information from the...
  11. bob6600

    Vehicle damaged on motorway

    Wife's car, travelling down the M6 last week (J2-J3). Weather was temperamental and it started raining it hard reducing visibility. Now she is a sensible driver and slowed down keeping her distance from the vehicle in front. She then hears a loud bang and feels something hitting the car...
  12. Dirk u

    Vehicle change

    Hello sold my CLK sport and got this ML 420 CDI awesome hit of lit love it
  13. grober

    WHAT is the purpose of this vehicle?

    New Range Rover Evoque Convertible :doh: A bold step or Reductio ad absurdum of the whole SUV convertible concept.
  14. R

    ML W163 vehicle entertainment system

    Hi all, I'm after some help to fit the OEM rear entertainment system (drop down roof mounted) in a 2004 ML270 CDI with comand sat nav. I have all the parts and wires needed, screen and dvd player, and know how to physically mount and run the parts and wires, but need some help on where exactly...
  15. L

    Three free vehicle checks......

    Having now purchased the car (W211 E500) I have three vehicle checks remaining. On a first come first served basis if anyone would like a check carried out then let me know the reg number and I will get the details for you. One per person please :thumb: Tony
  16. Farmer boy

    S205 Airmatic Vehicle data

    Last week I sat waiting for my wife and with nothing better to do started playing with car settings. I have found both the paper instruction book and the inbuilt system in the command system none too helpful. So slowly I keep playing to try out settings. In the Comand system Favourites Menu...
  17. TKvS

    Vehicle VIN details

    A member posted a few days ago about finding a site where he could get full details of his MB car build, someone else responded with a link where you put in your VIN number, I meant to bookmark it but forgot, can anyone else point me to either the post or the link? regards and thanks.
  18. roger574

    DVLA - online vehicle info wrong

    Has anyone had any experience with the DVLA's online portal showing incorrect details for their car and then getting them corrected? I've checked out a used MB that I quite fancy buying by putting its registration number into the DVLA's MoT history checker. This showing incorrect info, such...
  19. merc85

    Anyone use a Mb Limousine as a Private vehicle

    As above, does anyone on here use a Mb limo as a private vehicle? How do you get on with parking it in carpark? eg 2 tickets? is it even allowed in such places? Just thought id give you a giggle but interested to know how people manage lol:D
  20. D

    Long Vehicle

    Just curious, But when I was a kid I was obsessed with trucks & lorries to the extent I was convinced I was going to end up as a truck diver. I used to buy 'Truck & Driver' every month with my spending money much to the amusement of all my friends who were buying the more obvious magazines...
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