1. marty359

    Terminal Velocity 6 Video

    Some clips from TV6 on Sunday. [YOUTUBE HD]o_8BqBxQQ8g?rel=0&vq=hd1080[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. italian_cls55amg

    Terminal Velocity 6 April 30th

    Anybody here who would like to take part in this event on April 30th? It's a top speed day where you get to run your car on a runway against other cars up to top speed. Would be nice to see a few amg's there representing. £125 to take part. To book simply visit: Home 15 Places...
  3. marty359

    Terminal Velocity 5

    Some clips from TV5 on Sunday. [YOUTUBE HD]ymyxf3DMeNg?rel=0&vq=hd720[/YOUTUBE HD] I had 4 batteries for the drone giving me about 80 mins of flight time but with 15mph winds gusting to 20 it was a case of quickly get it up when the winds eased :rolleyes:
  4. marty359

    Terminal Velocity 4 Video

    Some clips from yesterdays Terminal Velocity event. [YOUTUBE HD]xQeu-RYSBqQ?rel=0&vq=hd720[/YOUTUBE HD] .
  5. marty359

    Terminal Velocity Porsche Vid

    I can remember a couple of years ago when 200mph was the speed to hit.......not any more. Those Porsche are something else :eek: [YOUTUBE HD]KQ86Nzp3EDY[/YOUTUBE HD] It's available in HD but I can't get it to auto on the cog over there when its playing >>;)...
  6. sjmaxwell

    Terminal Velocity 4 - 5th June 2016

    Hi All Terminal Velocity 4 5th June 2016 RAF Woodbridge I've booked this and a few others may be coming as well. Really enjoyed the first one, was a great day out and I got a trophy! :bannana:. Thought I'd spread the word and see if anyone would be interested in attending! If...
  7. Giantvanman

    Drive shaft velocity explained.

    I found this clip and found it interesting. gmV4qwLfOMY
  8. JamesRan

    Terminal Velocity 3 - 26th September

    Hi All Terminal Velocity 3 26th September RAF Woodbridge Home Myself and a friend have just booked this. Really enjoyed the last one, was a great day out. Would be great to see some of you again, and meet some other forum members. Thought I'd spread the word and see if anyone would be...
  9. marty359

    Terminal Velocity 2 video

    Thought I'd try a slow one this time. [YOUTUBE HD]c1EcagTMCV4&vq=hd720[/YOUTUBE HD]
  10. Ash Bhp

    Great Day at Terminal Velocity. 1st place 205mph

    If i may share, Our 6 speed Supra ran a 205 mph 1.5 standing mile run. 1200 WHP on Pump gas Shell VP. That's our low boost setting ;)
  11. D

    Terminal Velocity Part Deux

    Hi, A couple of us on here are heading to Terminal Velocity 2, which is on 2nd August at RAF Woodbridge. This time round there are allowing side by side runs, and a number of us are already committed to going and staying in the Penta Hotel on August 1st. Where I'm sure there will be a few...
  12. marty359

    Woodbridge Terminal Velocity video

  13. ChrisA

    Terminal Velocity May 31st

    A few of us are off to unleash the Beasts next month :cool: Sunday 31st May on the 2.2 mile runway at RAF Woodbridge Cost is a lowly £99 and guaranteed minimum of 4 runs on the 1.5 mile trap There are still a few places left I was informed today so if anyone wants a fun day out...
  14. Maff

    Terminal Velocity 2005 - 20th August

    Anyone interested in going for a few top speed runs at Terminal Velocity 2005? Proceeds going to charity, with as many runs as can be fitted in for £75 (aka Bruntingthorpe style). I've got my application form and cheque in the post! Quite a few nice cars signed...
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