1. rockits

    Source - Merc OEM Overmats Ribbed & Velour

    Just thought I would share this in case anyone was looking for them. I searched high and low to find a decent source of cost effective OEM overmats for my R219 SL500. Came across a thoroughly nice chap called Tim @ Special Vehicle Services Ltd or 'SVS'. His details are: Special Vehicle...
  2. BillyW124

    W211 black AMG velour floor mats NEW in packet

    These are un opened still in packaging. Maybe fits CLS models too?? £400 collected. 07984802056
  3. vijilants

    Genuine W202 Class Velour Black Car overmats new

    For Sale.... I have the passenger and two rear velour overmats in Black. Brand new. £20 plus £10 p&p or collect from London SE19.... PS...I should have hoovered them before the pics....they have been in storage for ages !!!
  4. Deadly Dave

    C124 velour

    I want to replace the blue velour in my 300CE. I know the easy cheap option it to get a leather interior from a scrapper but I want to keep the car original and want new blue velour. I would like to buy it premade and fit it myself. Mercedes only have one or two parts available at about €400...
  5. D

    w124 300te with ultra rare blue velour to replace interior in other models or restore
  6. A

    W168 Velour mats

    Genuine Mercedes part, brand new and still in original packaging. Part number is B66293811. Slate grey velour mats for a long wheelbase W168 A-Class. These mats were (when I last enquired) no longer available in slate grey. Mercedes are now only able to supply black mats which don't look to...
  7. K

    w123 280e Green Velour Interior

    my first post on here as ive just joined up. my dad has owned his w123 280e since 1996 it has green velour interior but the car has been standing for the past 10 years or so and now that we want to get it back on road the interior seems to be tearing/ripping everytime we touch it. where...
  8. B

    W123/107/126 Velour Interior

    Anybody have a spare seat or part front/rear seat material in this colour velour? Not sure of the actual Mercedes name.
  9. 1

    W123 velour passengerseat wanted

    Hi everybody! I am looking for the upper part of a passenger seat from a W123 or S123 in blue velour. The seat must be out of a car buildt end of 1982 or later because there was a slight change at that time and my car is a late series 3 model. Thanks in advance for your offers! Regards
  10. D

    1993 Mercedes 280e w124 (e280) spares or repair, AUTO, SILVER, VELOUR INTERIOR

    On ebay 1993 Mercedes 280e w124 (e280) spares or repair, AUTO, SILVER, VELOUR INTERIOR | eBay Might be very useful for anybody wanting a rare interior/wings/engine bay bits
  11. G

    Red Velour Interior W126

    I have removed the red velour interior in my car as I am changing for Cream leather... This is a one chance offer, I cannot store it forever and will probably scavenge it for parts, in a couple of weeks if no takers, especially as it has heated seats! Overall it is in good order but could...
  12. EDZ649

    R129 Grey Velour Mats

    MERCEDES R129 W129 SL - Grey Velor Floor Mats ORIGINAL on eBay (end time 21-Sep-10 17:48:06 BST)
  13. SilverSaloon

    Velour or ribbed?

    :D :devil: I need some new car mats (genuine merc ones), whats best? Velor all over or ribbed? cheers Derek
  14. partsspecialist

    W221 'amg' Velour Mats

    Brand new, to fit s-class W221 LWB Part no: B66037113 Velour floor mats with 'AMG' embroidered logo in anthracite colour. Retail £91.72 inc vat One off price to the first forum member £50.00 inc vat TEL 0161 230 4610 :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana...
  15. A

    Where to buy velour

    Gang This is my first post and I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I'm looking for replacement velour fabric for my 1979 450SLC in Dark blue. I need both the flat and the ribbed material and it doesn't seem like anyone stocks this anymore. I was hoping that a forum member would have a...
  16. stats007

    New R129 Mushroom Velour Mats

    Might be useful as they're not made any more: R129 Mats
  17. Goldfish11

    Wanted - W211 Velour Matts in Pebble Beige (for Sand)

    Has anyone got, or knows of somewhere I can get hold of the following matts (apart from my local MB garage). I have black ribbed matts and have a family wedding coming up so thought I better get something to cheer the car up. I am being a bit mean and trying to avoid paying MB retail prices...
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