1. M

    Ml250 w166 bluetec rear air vent

    Hi, I am new to the forum. I have a second hand ML250 W166 Bluetec. The rear air vent blades are damaged or missing. I have a good replacement air vent unit but need advice on how to replace it - how do I remove the plastic surround on the back of the centre console.
  2. Londonscottish

    Broken 212 centre vent in rear - replacement question

    Hi, has anyone ever replaced a centre air vent in the back of a 212? One of my daughter's friends has just kicked mine and broken it. *sigh* Anyway, is it possible to order an individual unit and replace it or do I have to get an entire assembly?
  3. A

    Centre Air Vent wheels

    My w211's centre air vent wheels have lost plastic coating on it and gives a bad look to overall interior of the car. Instead of changing the whole centre air vent panel, can we remove the air vent wheels from the panel? (see attached picture for clarity) Thanks Azeem
  4. Wabby

    Clunking noise from passenger air vent on startup

    Anybody any suggestions before I throw it back @ the dealer to look at? 2017 c250d coupe. When start the car, and start moving, I get what sounds like a motor trying to move something quiet loudly coming from the passenger vent (nearest the door). After 10 seconds or so, it stops and is...
  5. O

    WTD: red alloy effect vent trim

    from a AMG line (FL) A180 anyone please :fail
  6. S

    Interior lights on light switch and vent controls

    Have bought a c204 c63 recently and only started driving it in the dark.. noticed i couldnt tell if the lights were in auto or dipped as the little icons weren't backlit.. the actual knob u turn is lit and the fog light button but not the position indicators should they be? Then i wondered if...
  7. R

    Air vent thumbwheel Bulb

    Hi, doe.s any know the part number for dash bulbs i.e vent thumbwheel bulb? w124 1995. I have googled these, but keeps telling me they are 1.2 w. I am sure I read somewhere they are 0.4w.
  8. 2

    2003 W209 Central AC Vent Cover

    Hi. Does anyone know how to properly clean the central AC vent cover in a 2003 CLK (W209)? It seems to be made of a rubbery material that grabs the fibers of anything you try to clean it with. The more I try to clean it the dirtier it becomes. Thanks.
  9. N

    The black/chrome plastic vent adjuster - same on which models?

    Hi, The black/chrome plastic vent adjuster (top part of two parts) on one of my front vents on my W164 ML320 CDI 2007 has gone missing. There are two parts that click together to form the adjuster - had to glue the other side to stop it coming apart. Seem the vents are quite expensive &...
  10. MB James

    replacing dashboard air vent.

    2015 e220 AMG Line I've made a mess of the airvent bars on the driver side nearest the window. I used them to mount a mobile phone holder, but its scratched off all the paint. Do the vents or the bars easily pop out? Apreciate any advice.
  11. S

    center air vent unit 52 reg c200k

    I am after center air vent, full unit for 52 reg c200k, grey color.
  12. G

    Projex 507 bonnet vent and new fi exhaust

    Just picked up my c63 from Projex fitting my 507 bonnet vents and carbon interior very pleased with result allong with my new FI exhaust with Titan blue tips from Eurocharged Big thanks to the guys at Eurocharged for getting my car to this stage and to James at Projex for...
  13. J

    2010 CLS 350 CDI Grand edition vent sliders

    A few of my air vent sliders arent working correctly. On a couple of the vents when I move the slider a couple of the directional bars dont move at all, as if they have detached from the slider itself. Is this an easy fix? Do I have to remove them to fix this and if so I do how do I do this? I...
  14. optimusprime

    Wanted w124 fresh air vent driver side ..

    Any one have a vent doing nothing for this car. Removing old alarm i found the vent was broken when the alarm was put in 26 years ago and nothing was said just glued it in and hope no one finds it. It was only for the flashing light he could have put it in the centre of dash .
  15. M

    Passenger side air vent CLK w208

    I'm after a passenger side air vent for a clk w208 if anybody has one. Also a drivers sun visor if possible. Cheers!
  16. Mobb

    Genuine Mercedes Benz CLK Passenger Side Interior Vent - Black/Dark Grey OEM

    Purchased from Germany to replace the one in my car, but I didn't get around to fitting. Its not new, although its flawless.. No marks whatsoever... I'd class it as virtually new. In perfect working order. £25 ONO + P&P Location - Essex Contact - O7415 O95 7four1
  17. C

    W219 Bonnet vent

    Anyone know how easy it is to remove the bonnet air intake? Are the washer jets easily disconnected? any help great as usual
  18. harries2

    Rough idling c180k se coupe 2003? Vent pipe?

    my car has just started ticking over like its hunting its ok when driving but when idling its rough any ideas would be great ?
  19. S

    vent repair

    hi everyone, I have a dash vent where the, what are they ...fins ? inside have come off their spring, meaning that they don't respond to the lateral adjustment made the knob on front of the vent, in fact, one has come adrift altogether. Is there anyone out there that you know of that has...
  20. karlos280

    W204 dash air vent wanted

    Is anybody breaking a w204 dash as I need the drivers side small circle air vent as in the photo below As you can't buy this part from the dealers. I would be very grateful if somebody could help me thanks. Regards Karl
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