1. M

    W163 Ventilation fan issues...

    Hi all, my ML has developed issues with the heater fan.. when I turn it on it takes up to 10 minutes to start :mad: and then when I remove the key from the car the fan is still going strong:crazy: I have waited for the car to go to sleep (blank dash) but the fan is still going strong, so I have...
  2. AndrewOl

    W164 Ventilation Duct

    Hi, I'm looking for the piece of duct work that sits above the battery under the drivers seat. This looks like it directs air from the transmission tunnel ducting onto the rear passenger feet area. Trying Ebay and breakers but no joy yet. Cheers Andy
  3. Charles Morgan

    190E Ventilation fan

    My internal ventilation fans on my 190E have been making such a racket of late it is obvious that they are wearing out rapidly. Is this a big job to replace, what sort of cost? I've rather reached rock bottom on sorting out car issues at present, but if small I'd like to get this done as I...
  4. P

    Passenger heater / ventilation vent removal.

    Hi, I started a thread some while ago [last year] about removing the rear passenger heater / ventilation vent in a W211 E220 cdi Avantgarde 2004, four door saloon. This is the double vent that is on the transmission tunnel between the backs of the front seats, and connected to the centre...
  5. T

    s210 320cdi ventilation problem

    Any advice gratefully received. The ventilation and air con has suddenly decided to develop a mind of its own, mostly not responding to any attempt to increase the air flow, just stopping the fan, leaving me with no ventilation at all. Presumably not just a blown fuse but bo idea what else it...
  6. B

    202 Heating & ventilation problems help pls

    Hi I've a C180 Auto Year 2000 (W202) which I only use occasionally. It had been standing for 3 months and I drove it 15 miles and everything worked ok. Stopped for 10 mins and restarted and the air con wasn't working. Next morning the blower fan stopped working too. Left the car for 8 months...
  7. W

    HELP PLZ my car needs ventilation

    i have a 1999 W202 and the interior is always humid especially in really cold weather , the windows always have water-vapor on from the INSIDE !!! and its driving me crazy , i was told that there is some kind of ventilation for the interior and mine seems to be blocked ? how can i fix that ?
  8. O

    crank case ventilation cleaning? Turbo need attention?

    Hello, How can I make sure the crankcase ventilation is free? There was some oil in the elbow near the turco( intercooler), will this mean the turbo is leaking or the crancase ventilation is blocked? The EGR valve is shut. Cheers. Olivier
  9. S

    W202 ventilation (climate)

    I have little to no airflow in the cabin, even when the fan is running full pelt, is this normal? My blower doesn't sound like it is being over worked. I fitted a new filter to the car about 18 months ago, the element was the unit that fits underneath/behind the glovebox. Are there any other...
  10. G

    E200 ventilation / air conditioning

    I've a 1999 E200 avantgarde which has sod all air emiting from it's vents, even when the blower is set to 5 (highest setting). I can hear the fan working furiously, but little or no air comes out any of the vents. Then there's the very small point that, seeing as it's been a bit hot, the AC...
  11. timskemp

    Rear ventilation

    :mad: :mad: :mad: Managed to smash one of the rear vents in the centre console last night loading some stuff into the back of the car :mad: :mad: :mad: I'm guessing I need 130 and 140 from this picture, but the part numbers on the russian site are "unknown" to the inchcape site 130* A...
  12. punjabi

    Squeaky cabin ventilation fan........squeak!

    The cabin vent fan on my 300TE has developed an annoying squeak at the first setting, it is not continious but the squeak comes around at random! Perhaps needs a squirt of WD40? Where exactly is this fan and what is the best way to access this location?
  13. T

    Removing windscreen ventilation grill

    Hi all, can anyone advise how to remove the pear shaped screen vent grill? I have a rattle and squeak that appears to be coming from that direction and although i would think it is just a case of prising it out, i don't want to brake it. Many thanks
  14. U

    Center Ventilation not working w208 any ideas?

    hi all i have found out today that the air does not come out from the center vents on the dash (the ones just above the stereo) side ones and windscreen one are blowing fine, ive taken out the pollen filter and blow fan motor and all seem ok. Has anyone got any ideas to why on air comes from...
  15. S

    ventilation died

    only been a proud owner for 2 weeks and its died!:eek: had the mercedes customer service vehicle out who pugged in to my car and was unable to cure it. looks like the whole ac and vent system at top of dash is dead and needs a complete replacement. is this exceptional or is this a common...
  16. timwood2000

    Ventilation continues after switching engine off...

    I have noticed that after switching the engine off, but still being in the car, that the ventilation comes on for short bursts of time. It is not the rest ventilation that can be activated to keep the car cool, but it seems to be doing it by itself. Is this correct, or might I have a...
  17. K

    W203 ventilation hissing sound

    Hi guys, I have a W203 which has a strange hissing sound coming from the ventilation system. I have tried to isolate it by closing the vents but no luck, it almost sound asthmatic. The hissing is fairly constant even if the fan speed in increased or decreased but stops when the fan is turned...
  18. L

    99 C200 Ventilation Blower

    I wonder if anyone can help please? The blower on my 99 C200 is very intermittent. When not working at all or not blowing as it should do I have to give the circular switch a good push/waggle and it is starts blowing correctly for a while. Is this likely to be the switch or regulator (where...
  19. D

    C 2.5 td no ventilation!

    Hi Folks, Iv'e just bought a '98 C Class 2.5 with air con and can't get any airflow through the vents. Everything seems to work, the blower motor increases speed, you can distribute a tiny amount of air through every vent, with air-con selected what little air there is comes out cooler but...
  20. Philirv

    Ventilation filter W124

    I hope this is the right forum. The cold weather of the last month or so has highlighted ventilation problems in my W124. Even with the aircon on, full fan and recirc, it is hardly strong enough to remove the mist on the inside of the windscreen. I reckon that the filter probably needs...
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