1. A

    ??Vents noise

    Hi guys. Just got this w205 c220 month ago and recently noticed a noise, similar to a plastic "ball or loose plastic" inside the passagem and driver vents, at least that's what looks to myself. Any ideias of what could be? Anyone with the same crackling sound? It's noticed specially at low speed...
  2. R

    W211 Hardly Any Air Flow Through Dash Vents

    My air con has been working fine, until this morning when I noticed that there was little airflow through the dash vents. It didn't seem to make any difference when I changed the rotary controls to full face, or full windscreen/floor etc. The fan speed changes, but hardly any difference in...
  3. S

    Greasy residue from air vents post AC service

    I used my local Halfords service centre to do an MOT in March 17, and decided to use them to do an aircon service inc a deodorising treatment My local dealer wanted £125 plus vat, whereas halfords wanted £60inc. I have never had an AC service on any of the cars I have driven over the last...
  4. J

    B Class Aircon makes a hissy whispy sound through air vents and loss of cold air

    I've had my a/c re-gassed 3 times now in the last 12 months, my local independent garage did it twice (April 2016 and September 2016) and the most recent was 35 days ago at Kwik Fit - none of them could find a leak and now it has lost it's cold air again :( I do hear a strange...
  5. JonoF1amg

    Clicking sounds from air vents

    Hi I have the W205 C220 bluetec Sport. Can anybody tell me what the clicking sound is that seems to come from around the area of the outside air vents inside the car not long after you start the engine is this normal? Thanks
  6. M

    Air-con not coming through centre vents

    Hi On my dad's W202 C180, the air-con works but no air comes from the centre vents. Does anyone know why this might be the case? Could a fuse be blown or something simple? Any help appreciated.
  7. F

    CLK/C front bumper vents on CLS W219?

    Is it possible to incorporate these into the front bumper of a CLS63 W219, or is the shape too different? Maybe a cut in the side, smaller than the vent, so it's truly open (possibly with mesh behind?) and not just stuck on?
  8. A

    Reinstall hood vents on C63 507, help!

    Hello, i need help to reinstall hood vents on my 507. Guys tell please, how to glue them with the double-sided tape and silicone? Maybe somebody have a photos, how reinstall it? :dk:
  9. A

    A207 airscarf vents

    2009-2013 model. I have airscarf in the seats, and everything is working apart from one of the seats having a vent that seams to have dropped down and can't be moved.....Does anyone have instruction on how I can remove vent from headrest to check it out.
  10. PJH

    Latest air vents

    Wifey's W204 is in for a recall to have it's airbag system checked... So I had a browse around the models in the showroom. I see all the latest models now have eyeball air vents. I had those on my Cortina, 40 years ago.
  11. brucemillar

    124 Dashboard side vents

    Folks As per the title. I am after two (left & right) side dash vents for a 124. These are the ones with the illuminated wheel. Mine are both broken on the outer edges (presumably due to a previous bodged attempt at removal)
  12. M

    SL 350 R230 Centre vents blow cold air constantly

    Hi Folks, My wifes Sl350 r230 blows constant cold air from the dash centre vents, Tried all manner of settings etc to no avail, the open close wheels do not make any difference either, this is a real pain in winter as the car takes ages to heat up inside with the additional cold air...
  13. S

    Central vents blowing low & windscreen

    I've noticed the windscreen on my w140 will not demist unless I put the ac (windscreen button) on-it would demist before without using this. Also the cabin vents are blowing really low, hardly any air comes from windscreen-unless I press the recirculation button. So I cleaned & replaced...
  14. N

    Smoke through vents C63

    my wife who uses our C63 as a daily said she could smell a burning smell when pulling up after a drive. I thought it was the brakes but yesterday on a 100mile trip when we pulled up at our destination smoke came out of the heater vents and from under the passenger side of the bonnet! Apart...
  15. I

    Low heater volume from centre vents

    Hi all, I have a 2006 e320 cdi sport v6 model. As per the title the volume of the air from the heater is very low coming out of the centre vents,any ideas please ? The side vents are fine. thanks
  16. Grovsie31

    How to remove rear air vents

    Hi, finally getting round to sorting out a few niggles, next on the list is the rear air vents in a w203 facelift (c55). One side the fins had fallen inside and its not repairable the other side is a little cracked and not in great shape. I see on ebay you can buy the whole vent unit for...
  17. Discomark10

    Dam spell from air vents

    Hi Guys, It seems my W203 (C200) 2007 has a strong damp smell coming from the air vents. Its only present when the air vents are open, if you turn on the AC the smell goes. I would imagine it's a filter or something, any idea what/where this may be? Many Thanks, Mark
  18. M

    W124 230E vents

    Hi People, I am mark from South Wales, 6 months into ownership of a 90K, 1987 230E, which is proving great. the only problem I have is that even when set to minimum, I only get warm / hot air from the cabin vents (no aircon fitted) anyone know what is wrong?, correct coolant levels, and the car...
  19. B

    Dashboard Air Vents

    Hi, on my ML270 there is no air coming out of the dashboard centre vents. The outer vents are working okay. Can anybody help or point me in the direction of a post that deals with the same problem? I have removed the Instrument cluster, stereo and glove box but I cant remove the walnut stereo...
  20. M

    Lazy air vents

    Hi all new to the site, just purchased a 14plate b class sport as we had the previous model so thought we would stick with what we know, however this newer model seems to have a few issues, the heater vents seem to work when they want know matter what setting you choose does anyone know if this...
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