1. M

    Ntg 2.5 firmware versions

    MB had my 09 SL in to update the command firmware and maps today, they tell me that they have updated the firmware to the latest version but need a map disc which they have had to order to complete the job, but as I'm unable to find Eco Route or other new features that apparently come with the...
  2. M

    C-Class 4Matic versions Now on the MB UK Configurator

    As the tile says really, we finally have the option of ordering a RHD 4Matic C-Class in the UK :thumb: Aside from the C43 AMG (rebadged from C450 AMG), there are Saloon, Estate and Coupe versions of the C-Class now available with 4Matic: Saloon and Estate body styles with either the...
  3. Stuart O

    SL versions

    I appreciate this has probably be done to death but.. if you were to look at a 2011 SL ( pre the new front - I have forgotten the type code ) would you benefit much from going for the slightly cheaper 350 ?? I hear talk of engine issues with the V6 ?? Looking around the 35K bracket...
  4. L

    COMAND - how to check software/firmware versions & Map updates

    My ML350(2014) is going into the dealer this week to have them check on an issue where I sometimes get "drive unavailable". I'm assuming they will replace the hard disk or the actual COMAND unit. The engineering menus also show the error code of DTC 94D9. Is there a way to check the current...
  5. E

    W210 bulbs, correct versions and update advice

    Hi All, After the great advice received here recently, I'm after some more!:rock: My 2001 W210 has xenon headlights, nice bright white. The sidelights are yellow, dull and ugly! I'm confused about the various options, need some recommendations for sidelights and number plate bulbs that will...
  6. U

    COMAND s/w versions

    We've a '05 SLK350 and a '04 SL65 Each could do with bringing the COMAND unit up to date. All that I've read suggests that it will be the same version of the unit in both cars but they seem to be responding differently to my efforts. The SLK has a NAV dvd APS vers 4.0 ( A211 827 67 59...
  7. guydewdney

    w211 - are there lwb and swb versions?

    I ask, as the rubber boot liner I bought is about 10" short, and upon further searching, you get listings of 'long' and 'short' liners, some with and some without wheel arch cutouts. Mines a 2004 (partial facelift with mesh centre grille not slatted), e320cdi av' with 7 seats. But it looks the...
  8. SimonsMerc

    W212 Software Versions

    Hi folks, As part of buying my car, the Mercedes Garage agreed to upgrade all of the versions of firmware to the latest. I've taken pictures of the diagnostic menu in COMAND -- can someone confirm whether this is indeed the latest? Many thanks, -simon
  9. RattlerRattler

    SL55 front disks, multiple versions?

    Can anyone tell me if there are multiple versions/types of front disks for a SL55? Mine's a 2007, recently bought and part of the deal was new front disks that had to be ordered. Now there's some issue with supplying and I'm being asked to bring my SL in to identify the disks correctly. I've...
  10. Ken555

    S211 Firmware Versions

    As I'm booking the E class in for it's suspension recall, I saw someone saying about updating the software to the latest versions. This is what ours says at the moment, is this the latest ? If not, is it standard that they update, or do I have to ask ?
  11. John

    Engine and gearbox firmware versions.

    Is there a way to discover the versions of these and what the latest versions are? I imagine it is a Star job to update is it?
  12. Horrgakx

    Window winder motor/gearbox - how many versions?!

    My nearside passenger window mechanism isn't working so I bought a replacement on eBay. It was for a "W210 LH Rear". However as you can see from the photos below they are not the same. The original has 9 wires going into the unit and is much larger than the replacement which only has 2 wires...
  13. O

    Do AMGs have different chassis numbers to non AMG versions?

    I've just been trying to read mine to see about this Valeo radiator thingy, even though my car is fine and not juddering it is a bit of a worryand was thinking about changing it for peace of mind, I've not had my V5 through yet so reading the chassis number from the MOT but it doesn't start with...
  14. P

    ntg 2.0 versions of software

    maybe one for alfie (and thanks for the advice on convenience menu but as I'm 400 miles away, cannot get to you easily for coding update) just wondering if its worth updating my V10 disk to a v12 probs with v10, just wondering what extras it would bring (if any) tbh, map data is...
  15. mercmanuk

    windows 7 versions

    what is the differance between the windows 7 e and n versions
  16. B

    W126 SEL Versions

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a W126, one of the SEL versions. Are they reliable? What things should I look out for when looking at one? Are there any serious faults to look out for? Or things to avoid? Are they reasonable to run/maintain? I’ve had similar sized/aged BMWs and...
  17. J

    Identify hardware/software versions

    Hello, all! First, congrats to the forum owners and moderators! Now, my problem: I just bought a W203 C200CDi estate Merc from 2003 (November) and I'm having trouble identifying the equipment installed. How do we recognize the hardware, the hardware's version, the hardware's operating...
  18. T

    Upgrade W210 rear lights to facelift versions

    Hi, I want to change the rear lights on my 1998 W210 E280 saloon to the avantgarde facelift versions - I think the newer clusters look much better - especially the inner bootlid-mounted sections. I've found a couple of old threads about this, but has anyone done this more recently? If so could...
  19. G

    New versions of Bluetooth UHI modules

    It appears that the current versions of UHI bluetooth modules are being replaced. Anyone know any more ?
  20. T

    CLK55 AMG Versions

    Hello. I was wondering if you guys could help me out here. I have been looking at some 00/01 AMG CLK55s and there are a few differences that I have seen that i'm just not sure about. The wheels. Ones that I have seen have alloys that have larger spokes, and others with smaller spokes: 1: 2...
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