1. C

    Facelift W204 - COMAND versus Becker

    I'm looking at buying a facelift W204 and can see the vast majority come equipped with the Becker SatNav system, but a few do have COMAND fitted. Can someone please run through the differences between the 2 systems ie what extra features COMAND gives? Does Linguatronic only come with COMAND...
  2. BTB 500

    CLA 45 versus hedge ...

    We were at a dog agility show in Dorset this weekend ... woke up on Saturday morning to find a rather sorry-looking CLA 45 that had come through the hedge in the night! The company named on the numberplates and rear window states on their website that they have been "providing prestige cars to...
  3. M

    W210 versus W211

    Well ive had possesion of a W211 for a couple of months , and the annoying faults that appear on a weekly basis , makes ownership quite underwhelming. My W210 E55 , which i had for 3 years , had absolutely no issues , sailed through every MOT and apart from servicing and tyres was a reliable ...
  4. C

    Conti ContactSport versus Hankook Ventus

    I need to replace the front tyres on my S203 (outer edges are getting scrubbed) and the current ContactSport5 17" tyres have done about 17K. Is this a good mileage for these tyres on the front? It does seem a little premature to me (but then for ages I ran budget 15" tyres). I was looking...
  5. C

    reconditioned versus new parts prices

    hello All-- I am conducting a survey into the demand for reconditioned parts. With the 'telephone number" type price tags for new/original parts nowadays, it appears that the demand for reconditioned/rebuilt parts/with guarantee is rising? Can you please help me in my survey, creating a...
  6. H

    ML versus Touraeg

    I have a friend about to buy a 2005 V10 Diesel VW Touareg with 70K miles.. I have been kind of warning him that they have bad reputation for reliability and advised him to rather go for a good ML. His budget is bit low or max Gbp 9000 and the Touareg would be around 8200. I have been...
  7. U

    MCAR versus Dension 500s

    I'm lacking a bluetooth connection and easy flow of music into the car sound system. It's been suggested I put the MCAR unit in instead of the CD changer. Thing is though, there's very very little to be found about the MCAR other than the manufacturer's site and a few comments on this forum...
  8. W

    CLS versus E Class Coupe

    I have just changed my E Class 350CDI AMG Sport Coupe for a new CLS 350CDI AMG Sport. I would appreciate your thoughts on which you would prefer ?
  9. C

    C63 start up trick - old model versus facelift

    Hello I'd be really grateful of some help. I'm about to buy a non facelift c63 but want to check a few things: 1. Does the non facelift car have a "Sport +" setting? I'm thinking not (not too bothered - main query below which is important, very important ) 2. So I was in a nice...
  10. R

    W126 500SE Versus 300SE

    I had a W126 500SE for 2 years a few years ago - loved it. Thinking its time for another W126. Wondering if this time I should try 300SE for economy reasons. What is the real out of town A/B road MPG of the 300SE compared with the 500SE? I'm worried the 300SE will feel underpowered...
  11. TrickyTrev

    Comand versus not comand

    All, I have been looking for a clean e55 for a little while now, and think I have found the one....except that it has small screen sat nav and does not have the full comand set up. Does anyone know whether this can be retrofitted? Cars look much better with the full screen set up and without...
  12. BTB 500

    Replacing disks & pads on the Vito - car dealership versus commercial dealership

    In 6 years / 49k miles I've only had the front pads changed once on the Vito. It's a big heavy beast and automatic to boot (not much in the way of engine braking), so no surprise that it's going to need new disks & pads all round in the near future. The car dealership in Ascot now services...
  13. V

    New SL350 AMG Sports Pack Lowered Suspension Versus ABC

    Just about to finally purchase a new SL350 (June Build that includes Sport Pack) and am having a problem deciding if I should stay with the now standard 10mm lowered / firmer suspension with sports / comfort damper control or cough up the extra for Active Body Control. Is it worth having on the...
  14. G

    Lemforder versus Mercedes Parts

    Anybody know if Lemforder is an actual supplier to Mercedes? Or just an OEM Manufacturer? Cheers
  15. J

    Alcantra versus Leather - opinions?

    Hi - this is my first post. I am from Australia - shortly moving to the UK. looking at buying an R Class. Have found one i'm interested in. its a320CDI sport 2006. the interior is a mix of black leather and very dark grey Alcantra for a the main portion of the seats. I have 4 kids who will...
  16. D-18

    E320 CDI Sport versus E280 CDI AG - which one?

    Regular members will know just how much *** likes his 7G transmission! Steve and myself have both had W211 E220's in the past and we now have the E320 Sport (***) and the E280 AG (D-18). Unlike ***, I was less enthusiastic about the 5G auto after mine 'went off' at about 20K miles and car and...
  17. Tan

    Warranty Wise versus Warranty Direct

    Hi I am about the push the button a Porsche Cayenne and need to decide on a warranty. I looked the Porsche warranty but at £1400 plus the check at £216 and probably a service as the last one the car had was at a specialist, so that makes it fairly uneconomical. What are people...
  18. Godot

    Jetman versus Jetteam

  19. B

    Revised 2011 C-Class versus original 2007 C-Class

    Is there anyone who has bought the newly revised C-Class who previously owned the original version of the current series, released in 2007. I was interested to hear an owner's impression of the changes.
  20. corned

    Tyres - load rating versus speed rating

    Reading the MO or not to MO thread got me thinking about something I don't understand in my car's handbook. E320CDI estate, 2005 vintage. The book states that normal summer tyres are 225/55R16 95W. However. The same handbook states for the E320CDI saloon - 225/55/R16 95V. This puzzles me...
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