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    Four Mercedes E Class wheels (211 / 210) VGC with 2 good tyres

    Four original Mercedes wheels (16") for an E-Class. Originally for a 211, but definitely fit a 210. Will probably fit other models as well. All wheels in very good condition with hardly any blemishes. Only a couple of minor scratches. You will find it difficult to find a set of original...
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    Selling w204 winter /wheel tyre set. Vgc

    16inch OEM SET with dunlop winter tyres and still 8mm tread. Un marked rims. £575 or close offer. Email me at if u need pics. Based in north london/herts.
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    215 CL floor mats in grey vgc

    Hi, I'm selling some stuff for my dad on ebay and a front and rear set of grey ribbed floor mats for the 2000-2006 CL is amonst it. Great condition with the passenger and rears hardly used. Postage would be about £7.50 as they are heavy. Will be listing them tomorrow eve but if anyone wants to...
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    C200 Elegance 95' VGC

    Hello all, As i have not got enough privliges to post in the for sale thread, I would like to point your attention to my advert on Pisston Heads for the sale of my C200 Elegance. Kind Regards, Neil
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    2000x CLK320 elegance tip auto vgc fsh

    Due to changing requirements (2 door not practical anymore, child seat is hard to fit and elderly parents cant get in the back anymore) I`ll be selling my CLK, Its a 2000 facelift model, well specced 3.2v6 tip auto, brilliant silver with orion grey leather, Xenon headlights, both front seats...
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    Auto gearbox needed; 5 speed? Must be VGC!

    Hi, I have a W123 280 re-engined with a rebuilt 240D, looking forward to many trouble-free years of driving. My auto gearbox has just given up on me and I'm after a new/re-con one, I don't know if there is a 5 speed available but I want one if there is! Any help will be gratefully received. I am...
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    Genuine 16inc Mercedes Sport Alloys,vgc Inc Vg Tyres

    NOW SOLD Genuine 16inc Mercedes Sport Alloys,vgc Inc Vg Tyres Set of 4 16inc Genuine Mercedes 5 spoke alloy wheels to fit most mercedes models,5x112 with 35mm off set.They are in near mint condition with only a few small marks on the outer lip,but only small marks as alloys still look good just...
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