1. G

    Viano 3.0 CDi Limited initial RPM in drive and reverse

    Hi, I've been reading many posts regarding gearbox issues and the various limp modes but I can't find anything that has helped me get closer to identifying what the issue may be. My gut feeling is that the gearbox is the issue. If anyone can offer any advice before I take it to a...
  2. C

    07 plate V6 3.0 cdi Viano

    Hi guys, Any input on this would really help? So Viano 3.0 V6 2007. it sounds like its sucking / blowing air when under load and goes into limp mode, Read the code P0406 (EGR) So i cleaned the EGR & Re-installed- Same Code. So i replaced the EGR - Same Code. Still getting the same...
  3. R

    Viano running problems poor mpg

    Hi all I have a 04 plate viano, what mpg would you expect? Currently I do the same 50mile journey to work then 50miles back every day, you'd expect the mpg displayed on the dash to be the same or similar for each journey, one trip would be about 31mpg then the next exact same journey would be...
  4. markheaney2

    Viano table

    Just a quick question I have a viano w639 2007 compact with 6 seats in the rear 3 plus 3, can i still have a table or does the table only fit between single captains chairs. Thanks.
  5. W

    Viano import from Japan?

    Hi - I'm seriously looking at picking one of these up as the specs and value are just too good. Assuming all the usual stuff about import taxes and English conversions are OK, is there anything in particular I should look out for? Should I expect a lot of hassle on servicing and spares etc...
  6. S

    Viano Service Interval Counter Jumped From Being Due In 12000km to 68km Overdue

    Can anyone help explain why my Viano service counter interval could jump from due in around 12000km to being 68km overdue. The van has been running fine but today was really sluggish to turn over and I thought the battery was drained. After turning off everything (audio system etc), it fired up...
  7. V

    Viano rear table pole

    I've brought a removable table pole kit and wanted to ask how others have fitted the floor plate. I have a 57 plate viano with the rear seat rails system with six seats in the back. How is the rail system constructed it's obviously a sub floor about 4-5 inches off the van floor. It is that an...
  8. V

    Viano centre console

    Hi all, I have a 57 plate Viano and I'm struggling to figure out how to remove the flip up compartment on the centre console by the windscreen which has the park assist indicator on it. Does anyone know how to do it. I've found two screws, but it still seems fairly held in. Thanks
  9. D

    W639 viano brake force distribution!!! Visit workshop warning

    Hi, I have had this warning come up on the dash of my 2007 Viano, also showing ABS! etc, has had recent discs and pads all round. has anybody had this type of error before? any ideas thanks :wallbash:
  10. T

    Vito viano brake calliper

    Hi Can any one tell me what brake calliper will fit vito viano w639 from E class or C class? The reason for this is that I want Mercedes-Benz written on the calliper which I can get it painted to look nice. Original Vito Viano calliper are not designed to be coloured so they won't look nice as...
  11. S

    W639 Viano Rear Side Window Leaking

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience of a rear, side electric window on a W639 Viano / Vito not sealing correctly? I park on a slight incline and rain water pools in the bottom front corner of the window seal. The seal has been replaced but the problem is still occurring! Can the window...
  12. M

    Viano W639 3.0 V6 Auto - Hissing, Jerking & Shuddering... Help

    Hello everyone... After searching and testing driving far too many Vianos for the past 8 months, we finally got one we were happy with... however after a week of driving we have noticed a few problems and wondered if someone could guide us in the right direction? We bought a 2008 Viano...
  13. Modelmakerman

    2004 Viano comand replacement

    I recently bought a 2004 (54) Viano with the plan to turn it into a day van/camper. It has command 2.0 and had a Bluetooth upgrade for the phone at some point (which I can't get to work as it wants a pin to pair). I'd like to upgrade to something a little more up to date; ideally with...
  14. N

    W639 Viano 2007 Seat Problem

    Hi, I have a 2007 W639 Viano. Both of the 2nd row seats have a problem. The bar underneath which makes the seat tip over so people can get into back has snapped. Is this a common problem and is there a new design or anyway this could be fixed so it don't snap again. It looks a real bad design...
  15. B

    Viano w639 floor mats

    Hi All I have a 2012 Viano in 8 seat configuration. Does anyone know if the rear mats I need are different for the 8 seat version (2x3 rear bench seats) to the 7 seat version (1x3 seat bench + 2xcaptains chairs)? All I can find on eBay is conference layout (seats facing each other) and all...
  16. S

    Viano - Random Alarm From Rear Of Vehicle

    Hi all, We have just had a 2005 Viano import converted to a motorhome. There is a single tone alarm that sounds randomly when driving. It sounds as though it is coming from the rear of the van on the left hand side, possibly where the rear air con unit is housed. There are no warning lights...
  17. M

    W639 Viano Instrument Cluster gone crazy!

    Hi all! My 2006 W639 Viano LWB 2.2CDi with 62k kms on the clock has got its instrument cluster/speedometer spooked somehow. So last week I sent the Viano for some minor detailing work (compound polish, seal and wax) as its been a while since it was last detailed. The van was just as usual...
  18. B

    Vito Lowering and the Viano Grand Edition ride height?

    Hi guys, new on here and new to Vito ownership, I have a 2011 facelift 110 LWB. I'm currently looking at lowering the van on new wheels and need some advice. Ive been offered a set of the same wheels that come on the Viano Grand edition and think they look fantastic, the Viano Grand...
  19. Marku

    Viano rear wiper motor

    The rear wiper on the Viano is getting very erratic. It will go so far and then stop press the switch again and it will return or stop halfway. Are there any alternatives to replacing the motor or is that not the cause?
  20. T

    Fuses for Rear Sockets Viano w639

    Hello all, I have a 2006 Viano w639, and can't find a fuse diagram anywhere on the 'net... One of the two rear passenger sockets (driver's side) is dead. I have tried to get out the socket without much luck. I was wondering where the fuse is for this, as that should be the first port of...
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