1. D

    Mercedes CLS 320cdi 2006 vibrating help?

    Hi Guys, new to the forum and a new Mercedes owner I have recently picked up a 2006 CLS 320cdi. It has now incurred a problem on start up and at low speeds. The car shakes violently which feels like its coming from the front left hand side then through the gearbox. Also to add yesterday...
  2. CLSMark

    Vibrating exhaust tips?

    Just noticed today that both my exhaust tips are vibrating, is this normal, or sign of worn rubber mounts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. F

    Mercedes C Class w205 new shape manual gear stick shaking

    Hello all, I am new on here and have a issue with my new shape C Class W205 saloon which I am hoping someone can help with. Whilst driving in gear 4 or 6, my gear stick excessively shakes and vibrates which I feel is not normal at all. I have taken the car to the dealers and I was told...
  4. A

    E320 vibrating :eek:

    Hello all I have a 2002 E320 cdi estate. Today I have developed a strange development. When at idle in any gear selection or moving slowly in drive or reverse I get a strong vibration. At normal road speeds it drive just fine. Any ideas? I'm going to hook it up to the star tomorrow to see...
  5. F

    300SL-24 1991 Vibrating at idle + fuel smell in exhaust

    After a long search, I found this article ( which describes the symptoms of my car: - vibrating at idle when engine is warm - fuel smell in exhaust - some loss of power at low refs (not sure of this...
  6. P

    w211 vibrating

    Hi everyone I seem to have a problem with my 2004 w211, when I am at low speed ie 15-20 mph I seem to get a shaking vibrating coming from the rear this is especially bad when driving up a slight slope on a left hand bend does anyone have any clues what I'm looking for? :doh:
  7. Z

    clk 320cdi vibrating

    As title, my clk is vibrating and which is felt in the car and heard as a low drone, it is louder in reverse gear, the car is driving fine and pulling like it should. any idea guys
  8. AndyBarr

    Help with 03 c220 brakes vibrating?

    Hi I am a new user looking for some help/advice I have just bought a second hand 2003 c220 Cdi coupe and I am having a bit of trouble with the brakes. There is a lot of vibration through the brake pedal as I brake from any speed, also the N/S rear brake is not doing anything the disc is all...
  9. T

    W203 vibrating when braking

    I have W203 C220 CDI with 17 inch rims. It vibrates when I brake from speeds ranging between 80mph and 120 mph. What could be the cause. Some said to me the rims are not centering well what does that mean
  10. S

    Vibrating Rev Counter!

    My 2000 CLK has developed a minor fault with the instruments, when switched on or off the rev counter needle vibrates (enough so you can hear it )for about 7 seconds. When switched on it does this at zero then it, the temp and fuel gauges all spring up and work normally until it's switched off...
  11. G

    Mystery noisy bouncing aux belt & tensioner on c220 cdi w203

    Hello. Thanks in advance for any help with this problem thats driving me potty. Tried some new parts. Problem persists. On tickover my engine is noisy with a booming rattle. As soon as you bring it above tickover it runs smoothly. On full lock it chirps. Under the bonnet I can see the...
  12. dokalj

    ML Boot, vibrating when ever I go over rough road

    Hi all, I hope everyone is well. I noticed today with the seats out the boot vibrates a lot when I go over the slightest bump. I loaded the car up on the return journey, so there was more weight and the vibrations were a little less. Firstly could there be a faulty catch on the boot...
  13. richyburns

    vibrating brakes :(

    my clk500 shudders/vibrates very harshly under breaking but only seems to be front left, it also pulls much harder whilst driving than normal and seems to knock when turning left between 35-60mph any ideas? the tracking was set up by WIM just before xmass, and i do not recall having hit a...
  14. D

    Brakes noisy / vibrating

    Happy New Year, the Merc is ill.... Other half got in the car for the first time in a few days yesterday and said 'it was stuck to the floor. Had to put loads of throttle on to move it'. She also said that the brakes were making a funny noise for a while afterwards. Following on from that...
  15. M

    211 vibrating water from rad in torque fixed

    we are an independent in belfast fri 24th we got in one of the many water in torque converter due to faulty radiator we took of the front bumper took of the gearbox hoses and fitted its own gearbox oil cooler it fitted lovely on the aluminion bumper support had new hoses made at the hydrulic...
  16. S

    Vibrating Viano 2.2CDI AUTO

    Hi, My 6 year old Viano is a working and well maintained car. However,at the moment I have a problem with vibration from the front of the car. It does not happen when speeding up through the automatic gearbox,it happens at about 40mph the moment I take my foot of the gas (no braking) and it...
  17. R

    Indesit washing machine vibrating the floor and shaking lots

    The vibrations that come off this washing machine shake the flat. The washing machine came with the house, and has been the same for the past year. So I don't know how old it is, but it certainly doesn't look ancient. When i run a spin with nothing in it, it's not too bad at all. With a...
  18. JonathanC250

    W202 C250 TD AUTO Vibrating!!

    Hi all!! I'm wondering if any one has had similar problems with a 202 c250, when the car is started cold, there is a slight vibration felt through the car, when drive is selected, this is considerably worse, but not in reverse! :S When in drive, its only when stationary, if im at lights, i...
  19. funga007

    Vibrating/shaking W202

    my car has seems to vibrant when am driving and at a standstill and i have the car in drive. but if i put the car in nuetral its ok. what i mean by vibrate is that all the panels inside the car such as door panels, centre console, sterring wheel, headling and even the visors vibrate and it is...
  20. SilverSaloon

    vibrating steering wheel at standstill - power steering fault?

    hi my wife's Citroen Picasso has started to develop a vibration when you turn the steering - even at idle. so you can sit in the car and slowly turn the steering wheel and occasionally you feel a wobbily feeling through the wheel. i topped up the power steering fluid last night as it...
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