1. J

    2012 ML350 Vibration

    Hi. Has anybody had any problems with vibration at motorway speeds in an ML??? 5 weeks ago I bought a facelift 2012 ML350 and between 60-90 mph am experiencing a vibration/shudder through the car. So far Kwikfit have replaced 3 tyres saying they are out of shape and balanced all 4 wheels on...
  2. F

    Vibration update.

    Hi all, I had been noticing a vibration through the drivers seat when car engine was under load. It went in for a service and I told them about the vibration. When it was ready they said they had found some software update for the gearbox. Since its been done its noticeably smoother and much...
  3. D

    Vito 113cdi auto vibration on motorway

    My 2012 vito dualiner auto has an annoying vibration that starts around 65mph / 100kmh... had wheel balance checked..same; had prop shaft removed, checked and balanced (balance in spec, just 10g added). Also changed rear diff oil. Same. Has been like this since I bought the van 5k miles ago...
  4. karozza

    Engine Vibration

    Every time the Mrs starts her W203 C180K, we here a rough thud exactly as the engine comes to life :ban: Sound is coming from engine bay; could it be an engine mount?
  5. K

    Vibration When Braking

    Having just done 2000mls with no fault with the motor at all apart from a glow plug light on (which happened the day i left for holiday)for 2 minutes after cold start.......... on the last leg home from Amien in France this vibration started when applying brakes after 55mph. The night before...
  6. A

    Vibration at motorway speeds

    I have some rather annoying vibrations in the car which start at around 70mph and get worse up to and beyond 80mph. Car is a w203 C350, 77,000 miles. I've had the wheels checked for dents, and the front nearside wheel does have a very small dent (pothole casualty), but according to the local...
  7. mat8n

    Slight vibration from front end.

    My s class has a very slight vibration through the steering wheel and I can sort of here it. I've had the wheels balanced and it doesn't seem any better. It's from 55mphish, I don't really go over 70mph so don't know if it settles down. It seems to get worse when braking harder, so I'm...
  8. R

    slight vibration

    Anybody point me in the right direction, I have a slight vibration when I take up the drive, only in 1st gear, I have checked the rubber dougnuts either end of the prop they seem ok, W124 E250 diesel, manual transmission.
  9. 1

    Cls 55 vibration

    Hi hoping yous can suggest what could be causing a vibration on my cls 55. When cornering or going round a bend to the right, i get a vibration through the steering wheel. Only happens when going round a bend with a bit of speed and only when going to the right. Anyone had any similar...
  10. F

    Help with vibration

    Hi all, Recently bought a e250 on 14 plate and 13k miles. When car is cruising along and you go to accelerate there is a very slight vibration through drivers seat also very slight through floor of car. Only happens when engine comes under load. Don't know if it's a characteristic of the car...
  11. S

    W246 Noise and slight vibration

    Hi We have had our B180 SE for just over a month and it has been back to the dealer a few times with vibration issues around 70mph. They first of all found the tracking to be out and gave me the car back and the issue was still there next time I went along the motorway, so back we went...
  12. F

    Slight vibration advice

    Hi All, I'm a month into Mercedes ownership (E250) I've noticed that when car is cruising at low revs and you start to gently accelerate so engine comes under some load I can feel a slight vibration through floor and drivers seat. Nothing through pedals or steering wheel. Anyone any idea what...
  13. T

    Vibration through gear lever in 2nd only

    Hi all, My new (to me) W202 C200 manual has a vibration that goes through the gear lever in second. it happens if you lean your hand backward on the lever. The lever is vibration-free in all other gears. It decreases and increases slightly in frequency with road speed (not engine speed). If...
  14. M

    VITO Vibration

    Im new to the forums so forgive me if this has been covered before. I have a W639 Vito (2010) manual diesel with 140k on the clock. Im getting vibration underneath the centre of the van at 20mph and 40mph the vibration goes away when I press the clutch in or let my foot off the accelerator so...
  15. S

    W203 vibration when braking

    Just bought a 2005 W203 270 CDI in mint condition The car pulled to the left a little bit on braking but no judder but there was a knock every now and again so changed one front lower wishbone. As soon as I picked it up from the garage I noticed a judder when braking at speed. The garage said...
  16. R

    W163 Vibration absorber

    Hi all Would appreciate any cautions / instructions / pictures to remove / replace A1632410047 Rear Engine support () please? My drive is Ml270 CDI - I assume all models use same part?
  17. maxypriest

    W124 vibration at speed -fixed!

    I had a vibration from the rear of the car that appeared by 70 mph, by 85 it was very Noticeable. All 4 wheels had been recently re shod and ballanced, however when I replaced the 3:27 diff with the 2:87 one I noticed that one of the rear wheels had a slight buckle in it. I moved the rear wheels...
  18. S

    05 Cls350 missfire/engine vibration?

    Wondering if someone can help. An intermittent issue, its happened twice in two weeks. First time, I was pulling up to some lights and there was a judder coming from the engine, not sure if it was a misfire or something else, revs don't seem to drop. I pulled over and turned off the engine...
  19. W

    Troubleshooting: squeaky wheel at low speed, vibration at 70mph. Drop in fuel economy

    Hi everyone So, last weekend I noticed a bit of squeak slowing down. Then at 70mph a vibration, and fuel economy has dipped. I'm a novice, but it's obviously alignment or wheel ba lance My dilemma is which do I pay to get done first? I wa thinking wheel balance, but then if that's not the...
  20. BIG_G_1979

    w211 e280cdi sport vibration

    Hi guys a drove 211 miles on motorway today and I have discovered a vibration at first I thought rear wheels need balanced (the vibration is coming thru seat of Pants not steering wheel) but what I have also noticed is that if squeeze throttle I can make make it vibrate more or less depending on...
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