1. baxlin

    Lowlife's victim

    Mrs Baxlin has a Skoda Fabia, current model, but a few years old, and until today, not a mark on it, she really looks after it. I clayed it last week, then glazed and polished it, it came up lovely. But today some lowlife has bashed the front wing, not serious, and the paint marks may well...
  2. billywhiz

    Insurance Fraud - In detail - Don't be a victim

    Just seen a very interesting thread posted on another forum about insurance scammers and fraudulent claims. Its a very interesting and informative insight by an ex copper who worked as private investigator. I will copy and paste the post here but the original thread can be found here...
  3. Satch

    violent crime victim? Speeding Ticket? On yer bike

    This beggars belief: victims of violent crime to have their compensation slashed if they have minor offences, including a speeding ticket, in the past 5 years. Up to now, payments could be reduced where 'the applicant's character as shown by his criminal convictions makes it inappropriate...
  4. A

    [Resolved] 124 Works - Kirkham Dispute

    Before I begin with the tragic events of my experience with 124 Works of Kirkham, I would like to explain that I am the owner of the vehicle and other half of the previous posts concerning the C220 Sports. I would also like to state that I...
  5. Ratz

    Another valeo victim to add to the tally - MB

    Took my car in today suspecting that I might get the phone call I didn't really want but it's still a shock when they started reeling off the numbers of how much it would cost. Quote from MB Macclesfield's service representative " seems that water has got into your gearbox somehow....". A...
  6. Steve_Perry

    Speeding drivers face victim levy

    link Is the current government taking the pi$$? :rolleyes: S.
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