1. SPX

    When viewing a car...

    ...on the internet, does it put you off if the seller blanks the plate? It does do me, in fact I completely disregard any car advertised this way. Just wondering the average of buyers who are put off or don't care...
  2. T

    Viewing a 2004 E270 CDI tomorrow. Anything I should pay particular attention to?

    It's an estate with FSH (apparently), and 178k miles on the clock. I've been told it's been well looked after by the local doctor owner for the last 12 years but there are few if any receipts for work. I'll be insisting on a good test drive and I'll be looking over the car best I can...
  3. ash59fifty-uk

    Viewing at the weekend...

    Hey peeps Going back to view a C63 again this weekend, I very briefly had a look at it on Sunday not knowing the garage would be open. Had it 'saved' on my autotrader for a while then noticed it was only less than a mile away from the missus' house, so I popped up to have a gander at it...
  4. Jonski

    Viewing a C250CDI tomorrow, anything to look out for?

    Hi All, I'm looking to buy my first Mercedes tomorrow :D Looking a 2012 C-Class Coupe AMG Sport Plus Model with close to 60k on the clock. Looks to have full MBSH, but I'm wondering if there are any common faults or wear items I should check? Any help much appreciated and I'm looking...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Heads Up: Final Topgear with Clarkson etc Tonight - 8pm BBC2

    Final ever Clarkson Topgear, Gary Lineker guest. BBC2 8PM
  6. Jas C63

    Viewing C63 in the morning

    Hi everyone, I'm viewing a C63 in the morning for the first time, is there anything i need to be on the lookout for apart from the usual? It's a 2012 '62' mercedes approved used car
  7. W

    Any Newcastle members - car viewing

    A long shot, but are there are Newcastle members with time to look at a car (non-MB) for me? Cheers.
  8. P

    Porsche 928GT viewing

    As per the title I went to view a 928GT yesterday. Offered for a sensible price as a good driveable car with few faults (a/c not working, torn seat bolster). I got quite excited and offer to buy it at subject to an expert PPI. All was well until I looked at the engine vin when I got home...
  9. Mr. B

    CCTV remote viewing for Mac advice req.

    As the title suggests i've recently purchased a Swann security CCTV set up ie 4 x 700TVL cameras and a 960H DVR. The system works fine but the problem I am having is that I want to use my MacBook Pro to remote access the cameras whilst away. The CD software which comes with it is for...
  10. TDE1

    Found this fairly good viewing

    Lamborghini Aventador vs Ferrari FF Drag Race - YouTube Sorry if its been posted already, couldn't find it. Handsome figures from the AMG stable.
  11. Palfrem

    LG TVs monitoring viewing habits

    BBC News - LG investigates Smart TV 'unauthorised spying' claim Anyone else find this disgraceful? The DP Registrar should fine them 100% of UK turnover for last 5 years. I wonder who else is using this ability on our equipment
  12. AMGeed

    W211 E55 viewing.

    At long last, I'm in a position to get an E55 and after searching all the usual outlets, one came up only a couple of miles from my house. A phone call this evening to the owner and I have a viewing tomorrow evening. Unfortunately, it's an 04, not a 54 with revised electrics but it is...
  13. J

    Viewing a W124 E320 Coupe later

    Off to see this tonight.. Fingers crossed, looks quite clean..
  14. jimmyca69

    Viewing and Test drive tips

    Hi all Got a few viewings lined up hopefully soon and want to make sure im checking for right things. Done a bit of research and come up with the following list of things to check, both specific for the W211 E55 AMG and general checks. So here goes: W211 E55 1) Airmatic suspension - check...
  15. sinewave

    Best Hour's viewing for a long time!

    How to Build a Supercar "MP4-12C" - YouTube :thumb:
  16. Cyclone1

    Viewing CLS55 - Advice welcome

    Hi Guys, Going to view a CLS55 tomorrow. I have done a fair bit of research and previously ( about 4 years ago) nearly bought an E55 so was fairly clued up then. Is there any obvious things to look out for, noises etc? I know to check history etc which I have already done on this car. It's...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    Wasted morning viewing a Tatty W211 E320 CDi

    Never trust the photos in a car ad! Went to see THIS E320 cdi this morning after being in contact with the owner via phone & text. I was assured twice that it was in great condition apart from the odd stone chip etc. I even emailed THIS photo to her to 100% confirm there was no rust, and again...
  18. M

    Spotted an oil leak while viewing a Sl320 R129. Help?

    Hi guys i know this will have been covered a lot of times but time isnt really on my side so i don't have the time to search through all the old threads. Basically I noticed the bottom of the engine block very damp with oil. I lay underneath and there did seem a small amount building up ready...
  19. M

    Why does the BBC think Barnsley v West Ham is prime time viewing??

    Just wondered...second division, third rate soccer on the Beeb's flagship channel at prime time on a Bank Holiday... No offence to the teams, it wouldn't matter who was was playing, but one of the better teams putting four past the also rans was pretty predictable however they dressed it...
  20. whitenemesis

    Viewing F1 and NOT on Sky - What's Best?

    Thinking of installing a satellite dish for both HD and F1. Not interested in Sky, so what's best? Which receiver and what size dish?
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