1. Paul S320CDi

    My passenger seat looks vinyl!

    I noticed the other day that my front passenger seat looks and feels like vinyl. It is a very different feel to the drivers seat yet the style is identical. How is this possible? The seats are black and supposed to be leather. Actually the centre part of the passenger seat (the bit with the...
  2. Spinal

    Does anyone cut vinyl?

    Not for a car luckily... I'm looking for something like this: to be precise, something like this: I'm thinking of getting them made in 5 different colours, 24 of each colour (so a total of about 120 units) and labelling the laptop carts in that...
  3. Godot

    Vinyl ? Oh yes Happy Days, Do you?

    Remember When? • It took five minutes for the TV to warm up. • Nearly everyone's Mum was at home when they got home from school. • Nobody owned a purebred dog. • When a shilling a week was decent 'pocket money'. • White dog poo in the street. • You only had to be home when the street lights...
  4. mercmanuk

    classical vinyl

    do we have any classical record buffs on the forum,ive about 120 albums that are in excellant condition if anyone wants them,free to good home but you must collect from manchester..only genuine collectors not someone who will sell them on please.
  5. GordonTarling

    MB Club Vinyl Stickers

    With the blessing of the forum administrators and moderators, I have been granted permission to reproduce the MB club Vinyl stickers for sale on this forum. They are sized at 210mm x 40mm in high quality, long-lasting, vinyl material ready to be applied to almost any smooth surface. On...
  6. X

    Damaged Vinyl Centre console

    Hi Last owner removed his handsfree phone cradle and left parts of the trim damaged (Orion Grey Colour). I've tried to paint over for now but it looks terrible Is there anything that I could buy (ie) spray Vinyl, filler etc etc Please help someone ? xixal
  7. guydewdney

    where to get huuuuuuuge vinyl sticker?

    like 20 feet long - for the side of a van. custom full photographic colour... one off.... any ideas?
  8. mercmanuk

    convert vinyl to mp3

    whats the best programme to convert vinyl to mp3? cheers all
  9. J

    top vinyl cleaner

    What is the best cleaning cream etc to use on car interior vinyl ? i have used the Autoglym leather cleaner (which is although made for leather, but its says can be used on vinyl too) and found that it is of no particular benefit .. the vinyl looks just as dull after using it as before. I am...
  10. GRAV888

    MBClub vinyl finally arrived.

    After a long wait, the vinyl stickers I was getting made up finally got done. Only have 25 x Black and 25 x Silver. Cost on these is £2.50 each + whatever the price of a stamp is these days , although, after my last experience with Royal Mail, it might be quicker to send them by pidgeon. I...
  11. Koolvin

    MB Club Vinyl

    There may be some Vinyl stickers coming up with a MB Club UK logo, A logo has not yet been designed... (anyone want to help?) Maybee a small discrete sticker for the rear window, maybee a tax disc holder, keyring? dunno anyone have any ideas?
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