1. Palfrem

    Virgin hiking prices again - What Freeview box?

    VM putting up its prices again it seems. Around 5% We have one of their Tivo boxes. We don't subscribe to movies or sport - we just use the box for recording TV. Plan on getting one of these Freeview HD recorders - any ideas on which is the best please? Any others out there? Hoped for...
  2. Cymruambyth

    Merc virgin.

    Hi everyone. Just thought I`d introduce myself. I`m in the process of buying a 2007 C350 Sport....coming from a 300bhp Focus ST. Not sure it`s the right move....especially after recently choosing to spend 3k on going stage 2 on the ST but hey ho......change is good. When I went from my 340bhp...
  3. T

    Merc virgin saying hi.

    Hello people of MB land, my name is Kev, I have just got my first Mercedes, it's a C220CDI sport edition, 2006, black with blue flake, lowered on 18" Japan racing alloys, this also my first diesel power car, it's a little more sedate than what I am used to, my last car was an Audi S3, with...
  4. D

    Snow foam virgin

    During the more recent of my 50 years of cleaning cars I've thought about snow foam but never got round to doing anything about it. But reading so many comments in this forum that included praise of the technique, and now having a Karcher K7, I took the plunge and bought a lance and some jollop...
  5. E

    AMG Virgin :-)

    Afternoon all, Got steered here by a pal (Gav) from one of the Volvo forums I belong to. Always been into my Volvo's and still am :D Had a dabble for a couple of years in the bimmer world (M3), and then got an itch for something new again. After narrowing it down to a V10 RS6 or E63, I...
  6. cheffy

    Virgin - on the ridiculous !

    Just heard on the radio this morning, some guy out yesterday to see the "Flying Scotsman" - the worlds most famous train, on its inaugural journey after a 10 year re-fit. This chap, planned his spot, gets there nice and early, sets up his chair and camera, and waits, then, just as its passing, a...
  7. W

    Block paved drive and Virgin Media cable?

    Hi guys, Currently having our drive done so fully dug out and due to be back filled with type 1 hardcore, sand/screed and paved. Previous owners of our house must have had cable TV/phone as the old (Nynex!) box is hanging off the wall with detached/frayed cable poking out of the ground...
  8. S

    Merc virgin about to pop his cherry.

    Hi all. I've recently been itching to experience a bit of luxury and comfort when I'm driving. I'm a self employed plasterer and am stuck in my Caddy Maxi everyday so I've decided that I want a Mercedes to brighten up my weekend driving. I'm keen on the older cars and have found a 1999, 90k mile...
  9. AMG-Al

    I am not a loner or a virgin

    I have a great life, loads of pals, plenty sex and some nice cars. I have been like this since I was born. This thread is provided by way of balance only :thumb:
  10. M

    Another MB Virgin..

    Good evening One week into ownership of an 07 plate E-class 320 sport, got a few things to sort out and then get used to the harder ride after 4 years of charging around in a V70 with jello for suspension. 1. front brakes to renew. 2. steering to align. 3. old blackberry phone mount to...
  11. L

    Virgin Atlantic

    I recently flew with Virgin Atlantic (Airbus Industrie A340-600) from Heathrow to Hong Kong and back. To say it was the most uncomfortable trip I have ever had is an understatement. It was the first and last time I will use Virgin. I am of average height and size and my knees were touching the...
  12. flying banana

    Stuttgart Virgin reporting for duty :)

    Hi all - picking up my first Mercedes on Saturday - it's an '09 211 E320 CDI Sport Estate in silver. Drives like it just came off the production line despite its miles and age. Can't wait if I'm honest. I've been lurking for a couple of weeks and found this forum invaluable for pointers...
  13. R

    Virgin Galactic crash.

    Breaking news.
  14. R

    Virgin Superhub 2

    Hi anyone using a virgin router done the "upgrade" from superhub to superhub 2? To me it doesnt seem as good and we are getting quite a bit of drop interested to hear if anybody has something similar with success or problems? Cheers ATB
  15. E

    Merc virgin

    Hi all Just about to acquire a 2001 CLK 430 avantgarde cabrio. Got all the toys and all appears to work :D
  16. karlos280

    Netflix through my virgin media tivo box

    I've just set up Netflix to work on my tivo box so it now plays through my tv,first month is free then £5.99 thereafter. If you access the apps on your tivo box you will find the Netflix app once there enter your 4 Pin virgin pass code Once you have done that it will take you to a Netflix page...
  17. kalvin928

    VIRGIN internet prices going up again... is SKY a better bet??

    getting bit peeved off with Virgin now... bills due to rise another £3 a month .... added to the fact they monitor your usage in downloads etc. and because I download around 20GB a month besides streaming everything through the net... I am looking to jump ship even though my 2 year contract...
  18. B

    Advice for a Mercedes virgin?

    Hello, I am strongly considering buying an E270 Cdi (2004) Elegance. In fact I am going to view the car tomorrow. I was wondering what to look out for. So far I have: 1. CHECK ALL ELECTRICS 2. Start from cold and check smell 3. CHECK ALL ELECTRICS 4. On a test drive...
  19. M

    Forum Virgin Broken!!!

    Hi all my names Mo and yes my forum virginity has been broken... meaning to join MBClub for ages but as lifes busy it doesnt give me enough time to sit down and sign up. Just a quick intro, I recently purchased one of my many dream cars which is my Mercedes CLS W219 320 cdi. Purchased this...
  20. paul73mt

    Virgin media super hub

    Not sure if anyone can help but I have a super hub and a 60Mb connection and works great on the wired side ( my computer) but every day I have to take the power lead out to get the wireless to work ( I mean that my phone finds it but won't connect even though its saved ) this is also the case...
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