1. B

    Wanted Viseeo mbu 3000.

    Still looking for a Viseeo MBIU 3000, I was going to fit a Bury kit but changed my tiny mind. Regards, Bill.
  2. AngryDog

    ViseeO MBU 3000

    I am selling my ViseeO MBU 3000. I bought this for my W211 but I need an MB-4. It looks like it is either new or nearly new. Asking £110 delivered.
  3. Gh3382

    ViseeO MB4 for sale

    A used MB4 which will give up to 4 phones Bluetooth connectivity. Our new car now makes this redundant. Condition is like new. In full perfect working condition. It is your responsibility to check compatibility with your phone and vehicle. Will link to nearly all bluetooth phones. In original...
  4. B

    Wanted Viseeo MBU 3000

    Hi all I'm looking for a Viseeo MBU 3000. Thank's, Bill.
  5. Mr Fixit

    Viseeo for W211

    Looking for one if anybody has one!
  6. L

    ViseeO MB-4 Bluetooth module

    Hi All, Having Sold my 2007 SLK55 I now have my ViseeO MB-4 adapter doing nothing. I'm looking for £140ono for it PM me Regards James
  7. C

    Bluetooth viseeo unit

    Model mbu-1000-v1 says on the back. Sits in the arm rest. Took it out of my car as now sold. In good working order. Bargin £50
  8. B

    Viseeo mb4

    Wanted working Viseeo mb4 Thanks
  9. M

    Viseeo MBU-3000 Bluetooth

    If you have one of these in your car then keep hold of it. I noticed the 2nd hand prices have gone up a lot. Just seen one go for £225 (bidding) on eBay. Have they stop making these?
  10. J

    Viseeo MB-4 bluetooth module for UHI

    I recently traded in my W203 C Class so this now for sale. In great condition complete with box, instructions and cables. Box says manufacture date is 28/11/2014 and it came with the car when I bought it in Feb 2016. More info here: MB-4 The Most Popular Mercedes Bluetooth Upgrade Adaptor -...
  11. T

    Viseeo MB2

    My Viseeo MB2 has developed a problem with the sound, the outgoing sound for the person receiving is fine but the incoming sound is so low you can't hear anything with the engine running ? Any ideas please.
  12. Mrhanky

    Viseeo MBU 3000

    Purchased this MBU 3000 new just over a year ago and its in very good full working condition. It comes with all the accessories, manual and box. The price of £190 can be paid via bank transfer and it includes special delivery.
  13. mat8n

    Viseeo mb-2/4

    Just after a Bluetooth adapter for my S class please. Not wanting to break the bank! Thanks
  14. BIG_G_1979

    viseeo mbu-1000 Bluetooth upgrade kit

    Selling my viseeo 1000 comes in original box and with instructions good working order £100 pm if interested thanks
  15. icewraithuk

    Viseeo MB-4 and iOS10 - slow response

    Hi, Wondering if anyone else out there is still using a MB-4 in their car and has an iPhone on iOS10? Mine used to work ok, it was never great, but since the latest update it's now really slow to respond - so when you enter the code to get Siri up, it'll take nearly a minute before the phone...
  16. Palfrem

    ViseeO MBU-3000+

    My nephew has just bought a nice looking SL 500 of 2005 vintage and needs the Viseeo gizmo for the phone. MBU-3000 The most unique Bluetooth solution for Mercedes - PRODUCT - ViseeO Worldwide Official Site He wants this one as it offers more functionality apparently. Does anyone have...
  17. D

    Viseeo mbu-1000 or mbu-3000 wanted

    As above, cheers. Dan
  18. H

    ViseeO MB3 Issue

    I have a MB3 that I am trying it hook up to my 2005 350SL, but neither my phone, or my wife's will see it in bluetooth. I have upgraded the firmware to the latest, but to no avail. Anybody come across this issue before? It also says on the website that the bluetooth of the device can be updated...
  19. jdrrco

    ViseeO MB-4 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit

    ViseeO MB-4 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit for sale on eBay
  20. zenman63

    Viseeo MB-4+ (MB4)

    My son has got one on these in his new car and it does not work, it seems to have frozen the screen and does nothing, we have not used it as only just picked the car up. The green light is on its says menu but thats it, the phone also finds it. Can it be fixed of reset?
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