1. mcshape

    E200 CDI - Want the visible exhaust trim

    Hey Guys My E200 CDI Avantgarde (2010) has no visible exhaust tip, all is hidden behind the bumper. Climbing under the car it also has only one exhaust pipe on the rear left. I really think the exposed chrome pipe (oval) that is on other E200 models looks great, I believe this came on the sport...
  2. ringway

    Supermoon Visible this Weekend.

    The moon will appear as a giant, glowing orb this evening in the first of three Supermoon events this summer. LINK.
  3. F

    iPod playlists not visible using comand system

    I hope someone can help, hopefully proving my fears unfounded. I have a 2010 S500 W221, which I believe has comand 3.5. In the glove box I have a USB connector and I believe the three phono jack sockets so I believe there is no media interface. I have connected my iPod using a standard apple...
  4. Shamaz Majid

    W210 Temperature, clock and gear displays no longer visible

    Hi, Both of the side displays in the instrument cluster of my W210 are no longer visible. Any ideas what the problem might be and how they can be re-displayed? I took it to a garage and he wanted £300. Sounded a bit too much so I politely declined! Thanks.
  5. M

    Strange command problem (map not visible)

    07 E320 CDI - although running 5.1 command software. Very strange map problem. Recreated it last four days. Map and sat nav work fine. On returning home from work (along A40 in London) when I reach the exact same place the map goes blank. Only grey background. However the central icon carries on...
  6. Howard

    Google Earth - Area 51 Visible....

    37 degrees 14 mins North by 115 degrees 48 mins West It always used to be a big white blob previously , but now you can see the whole of Groom Lake and the base . even down to the choppers and planes on the apron....... How long's it been like that then ? Ooooooo..... :eek:
  7. P

    Got my visible vin fixed Today

    Yeah :) following the botch job last year (November), My new visible vin was replaced on my dashboard today :) they take months to order so if you have your windscreen changed examine it before you sign the paperwork because correcting it after is a b1tch :( Thanks to MB Bristol at...
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