1. Suky Sangha

    MSL visit today

    Just like to thank Acid and his team for a great morning session today. Got my Cls 55 amg remapped and de-limited. Car is now running 520bhp and 503lbft torque from stock setup. Excellent service and advice given. I was welcomed by the Msl team and shown around the premises which had a lot of...
  2. D

    Sl500 r230 battery alert visit workshop? - batteries working

    Hi all, The instrument cluster on my SL has been illuminating of late in the Red Alert mode, the left cluster shows the Battery icon whilst the other states "Visit Workshop". The issue being is that nothing seems to be amiss. Both the starter and the consumers batteries are performing as they...
  3. Alex225

    Visit Workshop - Battery

    I did have a search to see what I could find on here and it seems that this error, likely/possibly correlates to the battery in the front being knackered? So I got myself a replacement battery. The main one was changed last year and although I know that sometimes needs a charge due to...
  4. FateSynchro

    My first visit to MSL Performance - Review/Pics

    So, After months of talking to Amio and Acid at MSL i finally got booked in with my mate to have the car lowered and a dyno tweak, my mate was having a remap, dpf removal and egr bypass. (W211 E320 CDi) So begin the story.. Wednesday before we are due to head to MSL on the Saturday we...

    Visit workshop battery symbol.

    Hey guys. I have recently started getting a red visit workshop battery symbol on my 2003 clk270. I checked the battery and it was faulty so replaced it yesterday for a new one but again today I started getting the notification. It comes up repeatedly and goes away after a few seconds...
  6. F

    W211 visit workshop red battery

    Hi all W211 e320cdi. Had a red warning light on now for a while so thought id buy some new batteries. Bought a new 019 battery for the rear and a ytx14 for the front. I have checked the polyfuse and it was good. Checked the wiring from bcm to polyfuse and the both had continuity. Changed the...
  7. D

    W639 viano brake force distribution!!! Visit workshop warning

    Hi, I have had this warning come up on the dash of my 2007 Viano, also showing ABS! etc, has had recent discs and pads all round. has anybody had this type of error before? any ideas thanks :wallbash:
  8. trapperjohn

    Ian B Walker. Been to visit him today.

    The poor lad has not been well. Two major operations back to back the second one to correct the first one which did not go well to say the least. ICU for two weeks after the second op and a further spell in HDU. He was fed through a tube for 3 weeks I think he said and of course what goes in...
  9. T

    W220 ABS ESP Fault Visit Workshop

    Hi I have a sort of simple question to ask for assistant for please but guess best to start from beginning. I had a ball joint that needed replacing on the front off side suspension (lower outer). I took everything apart making sure the speed sensor was protected and tried to ensure the...
  10. E

    Esp warning visit workshop.e55 w211 amg

    Not used the car for a while.went out one night in the week and when I accelerated the esp malfunction visit workshop popped up? Have searched it and people say maybe battery. Can you charge front aux battery with std 12v charger.gone into menu and car is charging at 13.7v with lights and...
  11. R

    W203 2005/55 ESP Inactive - Visit workshop

    Hi chaps, recently the ESP Inactive light has come on and i've had it plugged in and it's saying that it's the steering angle sensor. Now, I got alot of work done to the car replacing ball joints and a passenger track rod end - since then the light has appeared, the tracking was out slightly and...
  12. Lennox

    Copenhagen visit, what to do?

    I'm in Copenhagen for the next few days and will have a few hours to live OK around. Any tips as to what to see, where to go and places to eat? Any ideas appreciated. I'm staying pretty centrally so inner town only. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. M

    C220cdi coolant visit workshop

    My coolant visit workshop comes up on the computer and the car is in limp mode and the fan comes on straight away. Does anyone know what is causing this please.
  14. v8sam

    Another visit to MSL Performance

    I received a courtesy call from Acid to say my Rado 200 cell downpipes have arrived from the states. I was going to wait till the 18th September but thought it would be a busy day so arranged for Tuesday morning for the downpipes to be fitted and get the dyno done on the 18th sept. First...
  15. Tim203

    Back in Saarland- Völklinger Hütte visit.

    Back visiting my wife's folks again. One of you suggested visiting the iron works in Völklingen. Great shout. A world heritage site and very interesting. Great views from the top of the biggest blast furnace (50 meters up). Worth the 15€ ( under18 free).This year a Buddha photo art...
  16. D

    coolant visit workshop

    hi I have a 2005 W203 C200 I got the aircon recharged once I started car coolant visit workshop came on i know level sensors on tank and washer bottle can bring this on as this was happening about 3 months ago and i replaced them both would they be faulty already or by getting air con charged...
  17. B

    S320 New Purchase, Airmatic Visit Workshop?

    A couple of days ago I went to collect a 2002 W220 S320 with a genuine 54k on the clock, intention is to convert to LPG and use for Private Hire work, doing around 20k per year, I had driven just 15 miles from the Traders showroom when I got the (Airmatic visit workshop) warning on the...
  18. S

    Service brake (!) Visit workshop

    Hi all, I got this dreaded display a little earlier today. I completed my short journey and on re-starting the car and driving home it has not returned. I know its the SBC pump but is it normal for the display to not return after a re-start? I'll take it to my local independent tomorrow...
  19. Herishi

    W211 3.0L V6 ready to visit Acid @ MSL

    ready for her visit to see Acid on Monday :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. C

    ESP defective visit workshop

    Hi guys am having a bit is a ball ache with my car. I had an accident a while back, my car was hit in the left hand side front passenger side. After it was hit there was no lights on the instrument cluster to suggest anything was wrong with ABS or ESP etc... Even drive the car for a week or two...
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