1. The Boss

    Windows explorer (VISTA 32) keeps crashing

    gents / ladies need some help please on one of my home computers, i have vista 32bit running. Since yesterday, everytime i go to my documents, and try and open a folder, a message comes up, that windows explorer (not internet explorer) is not responding, and it needs to be restarted...
  2. jaymanek

    Networking Win 7 & Vista

    Just upgraded the computer... Set everything up and I can see other computers and printers... they cannot see me however... HELP! I hate networking... I have this problem everytime we get a new computer in the office! I have set it as a "workplace" network.
  3. nigel cross

    windows vista

    Help, Strange problem with daughters laptop On her user sites cannot open anything it states file association missing. But on my logon all ok. Cannot find the file association in control panel. I have done a system restore still the same. Thanks
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Vista downgrade to XP, Driver Woes

    Hi, I have just downgraded my GFs HP Pavilion desktop from Vista back to XP. Now its all installed I am unable to get it online due to the Ethernet port not being recognised. I have searched across the net, on HPs site (that does not even recognise the model!?!) to no avail...
  5. corned

    Vista user-friendliness?

    Both my kids have Vista laptops. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool XP bloke, and hate having to touch their computers because Vista is so bloody difficult to handle. For example: I thought I had finally thwarted the very annoying "Are you absolutely, positively, 100% sure you really, really, really want...
  6. S

    Firewire on Vista

    Is anyone else having problems with Firewire appliances on a Vista system? Using f/w CF card reader; system keeps stalling & intermittent shutting down. MS have released a hotfix, but I can not get this working- 'error code 40'?? Any help much appreciated, thanks
  7. M

    Quicken 4 on Vista - any chance

    My new(ish) laptop runs unfortunately Windows Vista (boggo). I ahve an old version of Quicken (v4) which is great because its simple. It ran fine on XP, but it won't run on Vista even when forcing XP mode. I can't find a newer simple accounts package - even though I am prepared to spend money...
  8. W

    Windows 7 or vista..?

    Hi to all I am planning to buy new laptop.But confused little which system to buy.So please share your experience so i can get some ideas.which one is better..?
  9. bennesspipers

    Windows Vista ? BRILLIANT

    My Dell laptop managed to pick up a TROJAN today, PANIC PANIC, but Windows Restore sorted it,Does just what it says ,restores the system by going back in time, like the Tardis ! :bannana:
  10. P

    System Restore

    I have a laptop with Vista ultimate on it. Each time I try to run System Restore it goes through all the motions, restarts and then tells me it has been unsuccessful but without any detail. Does anybody know anything that might help me to locate a fault?
  11. crockers

    Vista Service Pack 2

    Just downloaded wondering what it entails? Anyone else downloaded it? What's in it?
  12. C240Sport97

    Vista Home Premium is

    complete tat it's rubbish, useless, slow, keeps crashing, annoying I much prefer XP, at least that was more stable, and less annoying. is MAC OS better? used PCs for over 2 decades so can't be bothered with a 'whole new way of life' help! free me from the Microsoft death embrace.
  13. Spinal

    Vista / MacBook Pro Booting issues...

    I have a most curious problem... I got into work today, turned on my laptop and started going through my emails... (in Vista) Suddenly, the laptop froze (which never happens)... so I held the power button for 10 seconds, restarted and now it wont boot. I get apples grey screen, followed by the...
  14. WLeg

    Vista / Server 2008 SP2

    Anyone running it yet ? What's the feedback ? Download here if you haven't already....
  15. Beetnik

    Folder Views in Vista

    Running Vista. In Documents I have various folders. One folder 'Business' contains various documents and spreadsheets. The folder views are, however, those relating to media. So I can 'rate' my documents and I can try and 'slideshow' them but I can't get a view showing details. I've tried...
  16. C

    EPC on vista

    Hello! As anyone put the EPC to work on a computer with vista?
  17. Palfrem

    I swear I will swing for Vista!

    For the umpteenth time I have had to reload Vista I have all my files backed up on a remote hard drive. I can't get my PC to see the drive when it is going through the restore files routine. It has already backed up to the drive since the re-install, but it just keeps saying the location...
  18. Spinal

    Vista: UAC Help

    Howdy... quick question, I need to transfer some files from my old MacBook Pro to my new one, but Vista's User Access Controls won't let me get into my own files when I mount the old laptop in target mode... Any advice on how I can transfer the files? I've tried elevating myself to admin and...
  19. KillerHERTZ

    Changing language on Vista?

    Im currently in sunny Spain and using my sisters 6month old laptop. The laptop has been set into Spainish when the laptop was new but we wish to convert it into English. My Sister speaks excellent Spainish, but cannot understand PC jargon that is in Spainish so it is very difficult to do...
  20. jaymanek

    Networking with Vista

    Basically bought one decent printer for the office... it runs off my XP pc primarily.. managed to get my dads pc (XP) to print through it over our broadband router network but cannot get another pc to work the same... This one has Vista. Any ideas? It just does not see anything on the network.
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