1. R

    Vivianite SL500

    Guys, got my new toy for the sunny days of the year. Got a few little things to sort out but she is in outstanding condition for being 15 years old. Its an absolute light year away in quality from the TVR I had previously. Plans are to increase the wheel size to 17" with hopefully some AMG's...
  2. simonl

    simonl's Vivianite Green SLK (1997 R170)

    Finally got some piccys together.......
  3. Steve_Perry

    2x Vivianite W202's

    On the way home from work one sunny evening, I popped into a local supermarket to get some groceries. What did I spy? Another car like mine, I couldn't resist the photo-opportunity. :) The car was a P-reg pre-face lift model, as shown by the black rubber rub-strip around the car. I think...
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