1. E


    Has anybody done Vmax event? Do we do it as a club etc What everybody's exspiriances that has done it?? Cheers for any info :thumb:
  2. E

    Vmax video. My Eurocharged C63 vs DMS F80 M3

    Both cars are nigh on the same on paper regarding output. Skip to 8 mins for the better of the 2 races. Another race at 3:30 where he gets away first. https://youtu.be/GxCKwgYUSCE
  3. E

    Vmax setup C63

    I'm doing vmax again this year (next month) and will be taking the C63 for the first time. Last year I took my stage 2 A45 and managed a 158mph standing mile and 168mph 1.44mile trap. Other than the engine and exhaust mods the car ran stock, inc wheels and tryes. My C63 has a V5 map and no...
  4. D

    Vmax Hypermax III

    Hi All, Anyone going to VMax on September 26th off here? I will start a list: 1) CraigWesitecC63 2) Justin Chapman 3) Luke Joyner - Not on forum
  5. pse1336982

    E63 S AMG arrived... VMax limiter removal?

    Trying a new car combo of E63 S AMG Estate and SLK 250 AMG Sport - wife's choice... :-). Replacing the E300 Hybrid and A45 AMG... Great to have big V8 rear-wheel drive back.... (had lots of 63s and M3/M5s in the past). He is the pic... Anyone do a VMAX limiter removal? Don't...
  6. Grovsie31

    Vmax type events?

    Morning all. Ive searched the forum, but mainly get old posts up. Are there any Vmax type events done through the owners club? If not where is the best place to look for something? Around the midlands would be ideal. :cool:
  7. nb_racing

    Vmax of E55k???

    Anyone care to share the proven or theoretical top speed of a derestricted E55k? Cheers. :D
  8. E


    Does anyone here ever go to this event. Have always wanted to go but never had the opportunity. Any info would be great. :thumb:
  9. Lee C63

    VMax / Evomax videos

    Weistec stage 2 C63 vs 911 turbo - YouTube Thought I would start a thread which could hold videos of the recent Vmax200. So here is my best run against a 911 turbo. :bannana:
  10. R

    VMAX 200 events

    As possibly some/most of you know the current upcoming Vmax 200 day event is for 'HYPER CARS', which does not involve the inclusion of 99.9% of MB's, they just do not make the grade:o, I am afraid. (albeit, be nice to spectate on that event at least!:o) Having discussed this with various...
  11. PhilDR

    Rebellion RA550 C63 VMAX Results

    Managed to get the C63 to VMAX today and do some real world testing of the RA550 package... Result top speed recorded through the traps was 189mph so we are pretty happy! :bannana::bannana:
  12. R


    Really not looking to thread on toes here, but are any of you guys booked or considering booking into the next Vmax event, just wondering if I will have any company, but I know it does clash with another event posted here. Who is going to events and where?:rolleyes:
  13. R

    Any interest with another Vmax event.

    hi Guys, Whilst I am totally not organising anything here, just asking if there were to be another Vmax event in the near future, where we were to be blessed to be allocated some spaces, how may people here would be interested in going. Just gaging the genuine parties interest here, may come to...
  14. R

    Another Vmax day R U interested

    I have been talking to a few of the guys who attended our little Vmax gathering in March. Now I am not organising a full MB forum day, I simply do not have the time, but if there is certain quantity of people interested, I am quite happy to reapproach Craig, and ask to weather he could fit us in...
  15. marty359

    Vmax Starfire

  16. R

    A Vmax type event.

    Having recently attended a Vmax event, along with a couple of the other guys from this forum, I enjoyed it so much, it really was a very enjoyable day, without being to hard on the car, that I have approached the organiser of these events to see if he would run a day for our own forum, and...
  17. marty359

    AMG's at Vmax Hammer

    A few clips of yesterdays Vmax.......if you like this sort of thing. Also in HD if you click on 480p and change it to 720p. [YOUTUBE HD]2IL0X0u-edg[/YOUTUBE HD]
  18. R

    VMAX next week, anyone from here going

    Whilst I am going myself, courtesy of Marty,s efforts,to which I am very grateful, just wondering to whether anyone else from this forum is booked on this event, believe Alx is coming along with his revitalised Kleeman ML, think his car is very strong now, so should be very intresting. Anyone...
  19. dvb247

    VMAX Bruntingthorpe Pistonheads Event

    Has anyone entered this? was it a good day? It's a closed to spectators and invitation only! I've emailed them as I would like the crack the 200mph!:devil:
  20. andy_cyp

    Edited Vmax Footage @ Bruntingthorpe

    Watch out for some interesting footage, including E55 vs DB9. E55 vs RUF 993TT & Matt vs Matts dad F430 vs 300zx. Enjoy http://videos.streetfire.net/video/2848e916-f5f8-4e6f-a075-99e800538d37.htm
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