1. Meldrew2

    Vodafone McLaren Jackets £25

    Men's Grey Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Full Zip Softshell Jacket | eBay McLaren store (so the real thing) selling off the grey jacket £25 including p&p Cheaper than a fake!
  2. Spinal

    A Worrying Vodafone Tale

    First and foremost, let me say that I quite like the service vodafone provides- and most of the time they are pretty good. Over the weekend, I misplaced one of my phones and given that it's a number I use for work, I cannot warrant not having the phone for more than a day or so. So today I...
  3. DSLiverpool

    New unused iPhone 4s 16GB Vodafone

    Never used, got it a few months ago, all accessories packed as new, boxed etc Was going to use it, cant be bothered old one is fine, I took the covers off when I connected it but didn't bother and put them back (with air bubbles) £200 sent special delivery
  4. A

    Vodafone Mclaren

    What is going on with this team in the last 6 months, they have lost Lewis Hamilton (There best Driver), Paddy Lowe (Technical Director), Possibly losing Mercedes Engines at end of season and now annoucement they are losing there main sponsor Vodafone (Can you blame them). Is this a sinking...
  5. 55NF

    Blackberry 8900 & Sat Nav Vodafone!!!

    I bought a Blackberry Curve 8900 with a Sat Nav 'bundle' with Vodafone with a 12 month license for Sat Nav. 12 months later, today , the Sat Nav deosn't work!! . The license has expired & the Curve 8900 is no longer supported by Vodafone with Voda Sat Nav. :mad: Sent a letter to...
  6. S

    vodafone suresignal

    Hi All, Just wondered has anyone used vodafone sure signal before? It's meant to increase mobile signal strength in the house, it works by connecting to your router and using your broadband connection. I live in an area with really bad mobile phone reception and I'm considering...
  7. stevesey

    Vodafone - rejecting a phone

    Son has an N97 that has been back twice for repair (in 5 months, he has been without it for 1 month). Now it has failed again. He's back from Uni at the weekend, so planning to go with him to the Vodafone shop and reject the phone as it is clearly not of satisfactory quality and unfit for...
  8. BaldGuy

    PC/Laptop Memory - Vodafone USB Modem dongle x 2

    Hi all, I have various RAM for PC and Laptop. Dont ask me what fits what as I have no clue.... PC 2 x 1Gb Pc2100 Dimm 266MHZ DDR (LD) Hynix 1 x 256Mb PC2100U - 25330 266MHZ DDR 1 x 1Gb 266Mhz Dimm Kingston ASPS1820712 Laptop 1 x Promos 512Mb DDR 333Mhz PC2700U Dimm 1 x MT 256Mb DDR...
  9. Koolvin

    iphone on Vodafone

    Vodafone will sell the iPhone in the UK - Telegraph
  10. WLeg

    Vodafone Access Gateway

    Anyone got one ? Does it do as it says on the tin ? Vodafone Access Gateway - Vodafone
  11. The Dent Guy

    Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Pit Tour

    Today i was luck enough to be selected to attend the McLaren Pit Tour, ahead of this weekends British GP at Silverstone. A long way to travel for a half hour tour - but well worth it. Saw a few famous faces along the pitlane too...... Lewis's car parts Shame i didn't get my shirt...
  12. R

    Vodafone - divert to voicemail from 2nd phone?

    So I'm beginning the battle of starting to use my new Palm Treo Pro. :( After doing some reading I'm not even going to attempt getting it to connect to the car so current thought is to get a 2nd sim and leave my old Nokia 6310i in the UHI cradle in the car (facelift W203 with COMAND). I...
  13. Geezer

    Vodafone Satnav

    I have a Blackberry Curve 8310 with the Carphone Warehouse Navigator system which I think is excellent especially once subscribed to the camera database. I am shortly getting a Blackberry Bold 9000 :bannana:which will have the Vodafone Satnav system. My question is, is the Voda system as good...
  14. WLeg

    Vodafone Blackberry 9000 Bold Enterprise

    Blackberry Bold New, unopened box. Vodafone locked. Works with BIS and BES. These are on ebay for around £450.00 - selling here for £400.00
  15. Tan

    Dead Vodafone Sim card

    Hi My Vodafone Sim card has just died, I can't get any signal at all, i have tried the sim in my wifes Vodafone handset and it does not work in there either. Both my wifes personal phone and works blackberry are on Vodafone and they are working fine. I have called Voda and they are saying...
  16. stats007

    Vodafone McLaren Sale

    Not a lot worth having unfortunately. :o
  17. B

    Cheap Vodafone Contract

    Hi, I've just discovered this and thought I'd share it with you all. My vodafone contract is about to expire so I spoke to Vodafone about it. To cut a long story short there's far better deals around if you don't want a new handset. I ended up with 500 mins to any network any time, plus 100...
  18. imadoofus

    Vodafone 3G Broadband PCMCIA datacards SIM Free

    Further to A-AvantGarde's Classified Ad I've got two as well, for sale on the same terms. However, in the interests of fairness, you can't have one from me until A-AvantGarde's sold all his. PJ
  19. A

    Vodafone 3G Broadband PCMCIA datacards SIM Free

    I have 4 Vodafone Options 3G Broadband Datacards. Spec here They are as new, although they have all been used for a short period of time for a project I was working on. They are now surplus to requirements and are SIM free. They are locked to the Vodafone network and come boxed...
  20. smiddyboy1

    Vodafone Mercedes McLaren Guilty

    Vodafone Mercedes McLaren Guilty have just been found guilty, All constructor point have been stripped but Lewis & Fernando keep their points. Also a fine of $100 Million fine imposed.
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