1. J

    Comand Online Vodaphone settings

    Hi Folks can anyone help. I have a blackberry 8900 which is compatible for tethering. However when i connect it to Vodaphone under settings login fails. can anyone share their settings under the Provider vodaphone Internet APN settings as vodaphone say there is no reason for it not to tether...
  2. Mozzer

    Vodaphone pay as you use data sim

    Anyone out there got one of these I can use / borrow / buy ? I have the PCMCIA data card, but have just been told that I cannot use a normal phone sim in it and will need a data sim card. Went to the Vodophone shop and they told me they could set me up with a £25 / month deal for 12 months -...
  3. WLeg

    Vodaphone voicemail tip

    To change the time (number of rings) before it diverts to voicemail Key in : **61*121*10*30# Send (you can change the last 30 to 10, 15, 20 or 25) to increase the time in seconds before it diverts to Voicemail. Anyone know any other sohrtcuts ?
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