1. S

    voice control,

    Hi all, this is my first post after buying 2012 c class sport saloon, love the car but would like some information regarding the speech button on the steering wheel, I know its voice control, when I press it only activates the sat nav and never understands my command, can I reset the commands...
  2. Y

    2005 CLS Sat Nav - lose map but voice continues

    I have a 2005 CLS 350 fitted with Comand NTG1 satnav (dvd). Some strangeness is happening with the satnav. During a journey, the map display will go blank and I give me a message that it can’t read the DVD. The voice directions continue and after a while the map display will return, only to...
  3. markjay

    Sylvia Anderson (voice of Lady Penelope) RIP

  4. V

    Voice command not working | Becker unit

    Hi I updated my becker unit to the latest version a little while ago and the voice command (PTT) fails to work now. I get the message that ptt is not available for Great Britain. I have tried re-syncing the data but it still fails to work. I have tried downloading the data again but I get...
  5. I

    Comand NTG5 navi voice does not lower music volume

    Hi everybody I'm wondering if my COMMAND system has an issue. When I'm playing an audio source, the navigation instructions just talk right over the music - the music does not fade out or diminish its volume in any way. They just fight each other and it is impossible to understand...
  6. ringway

    Sir Peter O'Sullevan: 'Voice of Racing' dies aged 97.

    A sad day. His commentaries were a work of art. wwV4O5Z9hKI RIP Peter.
  7. T

    Voice commands

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to make a call on my mobile phone using in-car voice commands? The car is a new C Class 200 AMG line with premium pack, Audio 20 and Garmin map pilot media. The SatNav works with voice commands but I can't work out my phone. Cheers.
  8. R

    Voice Commands (12 Plate) E220

    Evening all - I have recently bought a 12 plate E220. The steering wheel has a voice command button but when I press it nothing happens :wallbash::dk: I found some online videos re voice commands and tried to follow by going through System and try to find some help on Voice Activation but...
  9. N

    Sat Nav voice

    Been out testing this afternoon. Just clocked up 150 miles since I collected my motor on Tuesday. I've got most things sussed out. However, Can anyone inform me how to make the sat nav voice volume louder than say the radio. In my old motor the sat nav was given supremecy when speaking. Thanks:dk:
  10. 219

    The Voice 2015

    Don't know if anyone else here has been watching , but IMHO , what a travesty that the great British public chose 'Stevie' over 'Lucy' . Very much akin to choosing one of the Proclaimers over Freddie Mercury :fail
  11. C

    Voice command button on steering wheel

    HI I have a Merc ML250 2012 model (62 plate) the voice command button on the steering wheel, could i some how set this to activate siri on my iPhone 5s?
  12. smoothcoupe

    satnav voice volume??

    I have 2004 mercedes e55k. And the vocal sat nav message volume is crap.. does anyone know how to improve this??. Ive been through the menu and the volume seems to be have turned up????.
  13. M

    Becker and voice PTT

    I have a new C220 and a year old Becker Map Pilot. While the navigation works fine I cant get the PTT to work. When I push the PTT button the following message comes up - Please wait until data for oneshot destination entry is loaded. I have left this 'loading' screen on for over 15 minutes but...
  14. sspeed

    Mobile phone voice quality

    Hi all.. Just had a COMAND NTG2.5 retro fitted to my E class. Overall very pleased with it. However I have been told by several people that my voice sounds muffled and unclear when I speak on the phone via the bluetooth link. There is a .mic fitted on the top of the screen next to the roof...
  15. A

    Command Help Turning the bleep off on voice help?

    Hi all, Had a great day getting my sat nav fitted with the chaps at comand online good bunch, however one of them is a bit poor apparently as he has to drive a BMW...Sorry R. Anyway the question is when you press the voice button on the steering wheel you get a bleep before you give it a...
  16. S

    Main Voice control not working with Becker Pilot

    I've recently swapped company cars , the previous C220 had the full comand sat nav the replacement has the Becker pilot module with Audio 20 . When I push the voice activation button on the steering wheel the PTT function pops up on the Becker Pilot every time is this correct ? ie can I not...
  17. G

    Problems with voice control on Map Pilot

    I have a new Map Pilot with all the latest updates and upgrades but I am unable to get any sense out of the voice control. It does not understand anything I say and come up with gibberish on the screen. The product works fine manually . Is it me or is the voice control rubbish from the start...
  18. asinrutee

    Voice messages

    I was driving home the other day when I recived a text message announcement on my car audio, I could ignore the message or have it spoken, I then had the option to reply or not. I spoke the reply and it was delivered fine. I have a C Class coupe without Comand but with a Becker nav fitted. I...
  19. A

    Voice retrofit

    Is it possible to retrofit voice to the cls55? Also best place to get an updated nav disk?
  20. Godot

    Voice mail Accident

    Voice mail Accident Hilarious. | Funniest Stuff on the Net! :dk:
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