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    Vodafone - divert to voicemail from 2nd phone?

    So I'm beginning the battle of starting to use my new Palm Treo Pro. :( After doing some reading I'm not even going to attempt getting it to connect to the car so current thought is to get a 2nd sim and leave my old Nokia 6310i in the UHI cradle in the car (facelift W203 with COMAND). I...
  2. WLeg

    Orange Voicemail Tip

    (similar to my Vodafone voicemail tip tread) To increase the numbers of rings until it diverts to voicemail on Orange phones: **61*07973100123*11*30# (send) The 30 is the number of seconds until it diverts - you can out in any number from 5-30. Have tested OK with SE 750i and SPV2000.
  3. WLeg

    Vodaphone voicemail tip

    To change the time (number of rings) before it diverts to voicemail Key in : **61*121*10*30# Send (you can change the last 30 to 10, 15, 20 or 25) to increase the time in seconds before it diverts to Voicemail. Anyone know any other sohrtcuts ?
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