1. vijilants

    W204 battery charge voltage reading in speedo cluster ?

    Yesterday I called out Mobilo because I had a flat battery on my W204. The engineer that came out jump started it and then was monitoring the voltage values via an engineering menu in the car, but it was being displayed in the centre circle of the speedo. Does anyone know how to access this...
  2. C

    W108 Fuel Gauge Voltage

    Hi, my fuel gauge is reading incorrect. I'm measuring 5.8 volts going to the fuel sender. Is this correct? Any advice appreciated.
  3. J

    W211 e55 voltage regulator

    Pretty sure my voltage regulator is gone. How do I know what one to get without taking it off first for the part number are they all the same? Thanks
  4. S

    W211 020 Alternator Voltage Regulator

    Morning folks, Looking for some guidance. Have a 2007 E280 CDI (190 V6) with 202k on it. Just a little over a week ago, I started, intermittently getting the red battery light coming on. I have bought a replacement voltage regulator (Bosch F00M 346 080) to try before swapping out...
  5. K

    Help E55 possible Voltage Regulator issue. Battery Red Error. Need fixing tomorrow

    I am in big trouble and need my car fixed tomorrow ( Friday) I suspect the voltage regulator has gone, as both battery's were changed around 1.5 years ago and the voltage is just 11.7v with the engine running. Terry is busy for quite a well. I am located in Bracknell and will try Star...

    Visit workshop battery symbol.

    Hey guys. I have recently started getting a red visit workshop battery symbol on my 2003 clk270. I checked the battery and it was faulty so replaced it yesterday for a new one but again today I started getting the notification. It comes up repeatedly and goes away after a few seconds...
  7. A

    Battery voltage?

    Big drive (~240 miles) two weeks ago last Saturday week (5th). Moved it on the driveway on the 8th. Not used since, dead as a door-nail this morning! :crazy: Bit annoyed, it had a new Bosch battery in it when I bought it (800A, 95Ah .. not sure if that's CLS55 spec or not). Should be able...
  8. H

    air mass sensor voltage - (urgent)help please - C180K 2003

    Hi, Not having a lot of luck tracing a fault (running very rich), no diagnostics on. Indie thinks it might be air mass sensor, but before I blow another £200, I thought I'd check the voltage. Looks to be idling at about 0.67v, 3000 rpm 1.9v and 2.3V @ 4200 RPM. I had seen another thread...
  9. J

    Brake pedal going down (red dash) - SBC low voltage

    I need help. My W211 manufactured 1-2003. Brake pedal going down and dash is red (with beep). Star gives SBC low voltage error and no brak pressuse. Both AGM batterys are new and also alternator is new. We also tested the new SBC units, same problem earlier this summer (I don't remember...
  10. T

    Battery Charging Voltage

    A207 2010 with a battery sensor on the -ve terminal. Replaced battery as it was not holding charge and was the original. New battery and checked voltage engine off 12.4 and engine running 13.9 - 14.1. All good. With a volt meter in the power socket and whilst the voltage after start is 13.9 -...
  11. JeffT

    CLS500 Battery voltage

    Had a couple of instances of low voltage (can't use demister, heated seats etc) so been checking voltage at battery using my multimeter or the dash display. Sometimes first thing its reading 11.8-12.5v. When engine running it hovers around 13.8 - 14.00. Battery is a good Bosch unit about a...
  12. C

    Voltage regulator removal on W203 C220CDI (2002)

    Hello every body; I need to change the Voltage regulator on alternator of my W203 C220CDI Coupe Sport (2002). Is it possble to remove it without removing the alternator? In advance thanks for help
  13. anfieldassasin

    230ce voltage regulator

    Anyone out there with a 230ce know the part number for their voltage regulator? Mine is a Bosch 1 197 311 009 EL 14v 4C I can't find a replacement anywhere, I believe my alternator is the 55amp one Car is running anywhere between 13.2-13.4v when on, if I'm going to pull the regulator...
  14. 190

    Maximum Safe Battery Charging voltage

    Anyone know what voltage an original MB battery should be charged at in my W204. I don't want to risk any damage to the battery or electronics but I do want to fully charge it. I'm wondering what type the battery is with it being tuck away out of sight under all that plastic air ducting. Is it...
  15. H

    Clk320cdi no voltage to 4 of 6 glowplugs ???

    Hi. Assumed glowplugs were goosed as my clk takes a few seconds to start. Thought to sort it before it gets colder so whipped off glowplug sockets to find only voltage to 2 rearmost on right bank and none to left bank or right front cylinder. (What cylinder humbers are these?) Anyway, can...
  16. J

    2004 S500 Battery Voltage

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum so hi and great forum.... Just a quick question regarding the battery voltage on a w220 2004 s500.. Been playing about with holding the REST button in on the climate system to view various parameters, I've noticed the battery voltage with the engine off...
  17. Cronzi

    ICV voltage 190E 2.3 8V

    i have a problem with the IACV in my 190e, the voltage is stuck at 7v (one wire is 14v and the other one is 7v) and of course i have a huge idle, i tried to fix the problem with replacing potentiometer and it did not work, only way to get the idle down is to adjust potentiometer real low and...
  18. R

    Battery voltage

    My car failed to start recently...the battery was flat. Once recharged the voltage reads 13.5v at idle. At rest the voltage is 11.15v using the Climate control panel diagnostics...however the multimeter at the battery terminal shows 12.5v. Which one is correct?
  19. D

    W203 2006 E.I.S Problem or voltage???

    Hi,have a problem with my car at the moment which I'm guessing is down to the e.i.s or a voltage issue. symtoms are:- put the key in ignition turn on,all instuments work.car cranks & starts ok but all instruments die.no lights/heater/indicators/window operation. remove the key to try &...
  20. B

    W211 red battery warning and varying voltage

    Just wondering if anyone has come across this version of the red battery warning. Shortly after starting my 2003 W211 E320 CDi the red warning symbol pops up stating that a visit to the workshop is required. After that I get a note about the convenience functions being unavailable. Thanks to...
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