1. V12

    W124 vs W210 Vote

    Please vote in the poll and leave a comment or 2 if you wish. This isn't from a technical point of view as the W210 is clearly the far superior vehicle. This is all about your preference of which you would own and drive.
  2. J

    German car industry rocked by vote rigging

    Hi all, found this interesting article. Apologies if its already been listed
  3. R

    Possible Wheels Vote.

    My C350 currently has these wheels Summer and Winter. I've seen a set of these AMGs and wondered about them. What do we think?
  4. jjcodex

    Vote on why MB used PCMCIA on early NTG 4 Comand!

    Still makes me laugh that this utterly obsolete technology made it into a car as late as 2009, but ever asked yourself why? I am just curious as to what the group thinks! JJ
  5. D

    MB Club Tax Disk holder - vote here if you're interested

    I wounded how many people would be interested in a MB Club tax disk holder to go with the window sticker?? I want one... Who else is up for one? Scott
  6. D

    Does This Mean We Can Vote For Independance From The Union?

    I'm sure we'll be welcomed with open arms by our Scottish brothers... :thumb: Doncaster 'is part of Scotland' after 900-year-old administrative error comes to light - Yahoo!
  7. ringway

    And the best British sports car of all time is... Vote Now.

    Ever argued about the relative merits of the Jaguar E-type, the Cobra, Aston Martin DB5 or MGB? Now's your chance to settle it, once and for all. The full article is from The Telegraph. LINK. Vote HERE. What does the panel think?
  8. fast_eddie

    A clear vote for winter tyres!

    Hi all, I know there are many many threads currently runing about winter tyres/snow tyres etc, I just wanted to share my experience. My frustration continued today with the lack of traction on my normal tyres (Conti SportContact on 18" rims), so I got a shiny new set of 16" replica alloys...
  9. Mactech

    WhatCar readers vote Mercedes Top 3 Exececutives!

    Well, I can hardly disagree;)
  10. S

    Help! Logo contest - your vote needed!

    Running a contest for a logo design, and would be grateful for opinions Vote | 99designs :thumb:
  11. J

    This is tough, vote them off

    Drivers face ban if they drink a pint - Times Online:eek:
  12. Geezer

    Another vote for Alfie and!

    Went to see Alfie today to have an iPod integration kit installed. Met on time and job done with a minimum of fuss. :rock: Great service and Alfie is a really nice guy – not like Arthur Daley at all!! :rolleyes: Oh, and the iPod kit works brilliantly! :thumb:
  13. BTB 500

    Dog lovers - please vote on these pictures!

    I'm entering a photo competition on a dog agility website (there's no prize other than the pic. going on the home page). The theme is "dogs and water"; I can only enter one picture ... so which one do you like best? :) Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4
  14. munichlegend

    Vote to stop 2.35p extra tax on fuel

    Dear Chris, Having presided over the first bank run in the UK since 1866, Alistair Darling is now about to add an extra 2.35p tax to every litre of fuel sold in the UK. This tax hike comes into force at the start of next week, just as oil prices are at record highs and every motorist is already...
  15. maxg

    I think we should vote if Ken should stay or go

    I have just received a leaflet for LEZ (London low emission zone) I have for work a 5t tipper (2.4t unladen same as a land rover discovery) it says I have to jump though various hoops to get the truck to have lower particulates, Or pay £200 per day of use in the zone (almost out to the M25)...
  16. R

    4th May! Don't forget to vote!

    Just a reminder that we can exercise our democratic privileges today, so don't forget to get down to that polling booth and do the voting thing.
  17. league67

    need a vote

    What would existing owners of W211's get ; 220CDi Avantgarde or 270CDi Elegance Regards.
  18. aka$h

    Vote on my MAE wheels

    Ive had a really mixed response to the wheels on my CLK, some people love them and some hate them. I personally like them, just thought it would be interesting to see what people think.
  19. Shude

    Autumn Forum Logo Vote

    Time to vote! Brian's W211: Dorian's R129: Grav888's W210: Group of Vivianite W202: Group of GTG cars: Pammy's R170: Plugger's W202: We should probably close this in just two days to keep it topical...
  20. F

    Vote for your worst Mercedes Service Dealer

    Hi, I have just had enough of my local Official Mercedes Dealer. a) Filthy and Dirty loan cars with no petrol in the tank. b) Customer service department that never phones you back. c) Lack of inspection and general supervision on work carried out. My vote goes to Mercedes-Benz...
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