1. Shude

    Spring Logo, vote for your favourite!

    In the order that they first appeared on the thread: Tan: Ian B Walker: Maff: lotusmark2: pluggers: jaymanek: Tony M: Simon: gregh: pammy: Please vote, you have a week to "voice" your opinion! :)
  2. Ian B Walker

    A Vote of Thanks

    I would personally like to offer my vote of thanks for the organisers of this Summers GTG. Great Day, met lots of interesting people, managed to put faces to names etc. Many many thanks organisers for this day, long may they last.
  3. D

    Vote for the new MBclub logo!

    The x-mas one being outdated and batty (who made this anyway? :rolleyes: ;) ) Here are two versions of the new one. What do you guys think? :)
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