1. clk320x

    Anyone used Tesco vouchers with eurotunnel

    Just converted £15 of vouchers to £45 of tunnel codes However just seen it says must be booked 14 days in advance How strict is this as we were planning on travelling sooner than that? It says to ring up but offices now closed Anyone else used Tesco codes and travelled within 14 days...
  2. aquanaut

    Shell V power money off vouchers

    Just curious, try to use shell fuel as much as possible, v-power and member of drivers club where my choice is money off vouchers. Not received any since September last year. Was supposed to get some this month and again nothing. Anyone else been missing them or have mine gone missing in my...
  3. Jukie

    £20 Shell fuel vouchers for only £10

    Genuine link: Shell Drivers Club Loyalty Card 50% off
  4. Gollom

    Love 2 shop vouchers

    Will have approx £150 of these by next week (incentive at work) and to be honest, the cash value is of more use to me at the moment - i.e car tax due!!! lol Anyone planning a purchase at Comet, Toys R Us, Homebase, Halfords, Argos, Debenhams, Mothercare, H.Samuel etc? (Full list here) Would...
  5. J

    Free currys pc world vouchers

    I grabbed a few magazines from currys and they have voucher codes on the back. I have filled in 5 up to now and got £5 vouchers for every one, but as it's 1 per household (I erm did others for family, honest) I have got bored and have 2 left for someone to grab. You might get nothing, more...
  6. Gollom

    £60 Love2Shop Vouchers

    Anybody due to buy something from the folllowing shops (Argos not included) I have got £60 of these (won at work) which I'd rather use toward our Paris trip in August. Face value only Beaverbrooks Boots BHS Debenhams HMV House of Fraser JJB Sports Marriott Hotels UK River Island The Alton...
  7. Koolvin

    Vouchers: Kwik Fit Aircon and Servicing

    I have 4 vouchers to give away free with members who buy MBClub stickers. 2 x 20% aircon recharge (worh £9 saving each) 2 x 20% servicing with MOT pm me for details.
  8. DSLiverpool

    Inchcape Service Discount Vouchers & Experience

    As forementioned I took the CLS into MB Chester yesterday for the first time, it needed a C service and an early MOT and I am buying a warranty (thats another story). I got the car from Inchcape Nottingham and you get a little cheque book of vouchers for service discounts and introductory...
  9. Spinal

    Money off Vouchers...

    10% off some neat sites and some other things... http://www.vouchercodes.co.uk/exclusive-codes.html?q=ru101208&utm_source=fubra&utm_medium=email I've just placed a fairly large order from I want one of those of silly little gadgets for my co-workers and I thought I'd share the vouchers...
  10. N

    Tesco Vouchers & Points help.

    Anybody up to speed on the Tesco vouchers / points scheme? I'm trying to buy Merlin Entertainments annual passes as birthday pressies through Tesco's Club card scheme & find myself about 400 points short. Anyone know of a quick & easy way to accumulate 400 points without spending 400 quid? Ta.
  11. BenzComander

    Free M&S Vouchers email

    Anybody had this email today, it says Persimmon Homes are giving away £100 of M&S vouchers if you forward the email onto 8 people, £500 if you forward it onto 20:eek: Must be not true surely:confused:
  12. Satch

    "Free" vouchers ripoff

    This has been around for a while but is plumbing new depths as Insurance Companies and Brokers are buying into it. Last week got a pack of Discount Vouchers from one of my insurance providers. They were all the useless type of offers and discounts on things few people would really want...
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