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  1. merc85

    w/s 211 e55k Seats? comfort?

    Please no one shoot me lol, Does anyone else on here find the Dynamic seats harder or less comfortable than the Napia Leather seats in a Normal Avantgarde 211 or is it me? Dont get me wrong they are ok, But i do find it hard to get a decent comfortable position on a longish journey, or am...
  2. Jocky

    Help from W/S 213 owners - traffic notifications

    Hi I am trying to get to the bottom of a number of issues with the latest COMAND release in the new E class, specifically around the LiveTraffic and traffic announcements. Could other 213 owners (doesn't matter if saloon or estate, though mine is an estate) let me know if a) when TA is...
  3. S

    w/s 205 1.6d views?

    Hi folks - I may just stretch to a 1.6D sport estate new..... without suggesting the 220D which is outside of my budget, does anyone have any real world experience of mpg/economy - driving experience of the 1.6D - either saloon or estate - cheers manual? auto etc....
  4. WG M-B

    W/S 211 brake lines!!!!!!!

    Just wanted to share something with the forum that happened in our workshop today. Whilst carrying out the brake bleeding procedure on a W211 saloon ( after SBC pump replacement ), a brake line blew out !!!!! Rusty brake lines are well known/ documented issue on 211's but this was a first for...
  5. X

    Powerxtra D6 (III) c 320 cdi w/s 204

    Hi guys, I've just bought one of these D6's off eBay and it didn't come with any fitting instructions. I've spent the last 2 days searching all over the internet and the only instructions I can find have 5 plugs and an earth lead, mine has 4 plugs an earth and a power (with fuse in it). I...
  6. J

    C180 not showing gear selection or w/s mode

    Hi guys I've just bought a 2001 c180 (w203) and I thought all was well until my dad (who's had mercedes for years) took it for a drive and noticed that the mfd doesn't show what gear is selected or what w/s mode is selected, he also noticed that the car doesn't seem to shift into 5th so it's...
  7. B

    W/S 211 Wheels without tyres

    Wanted W/S 211 Wheels without tyres Hi Guys, Anybody have any spare sets of wheels knocking around? I'm pretty flexible on size, happy with 16's, 17's or 18's. Condition as well is relatively unimportant - I'm happy to get them refurbished. I'm just taking my winter tyres off (just got...
  8. C

    W/S Button problem, stuck in W. C200k Coupe 2001 automatic.

    Hi all, I hope someone is able to help. I have an 2001 C200K coupe Auto. It is stuck in W mode. I know pretty much nothing about cars with this being my first car. This is also my first post so be gentle on me if I say anything stupid please :D I have seen dieselmans post on this subject...
  9. S

    w/s 204 facelift permanent switch power supply

    w/s 204 facelift permanent switched power supply required, anyone got any suggestions as to an easily accessible source. On previous s204 took feed from power socket in glovebox, facelift model doesnt have this so need an alternative. Supply is for speed camera detector so would prefer a source...
  10. D

    W210 w/s

    The newer cars with c/s have the gearbox shift points altered depending on mode. But what about the older w210? I realise that winter takes out 1st gear. Snowing hard here and I have to get out in the morning. If it keeps like this I will be walking to the main road to meet a taxi!
  11. Nastynick

    W/S setting switch replacement

    The switch that switches between the W and S setting on the gearbox has gone kaput and isn't working. Before I go spending loads of money at a garage, I would like to see if its just the switch that has broken. Does anyone know where I could find a replacement or the part number for an '99 S210...
  12. M

    rear w/s wiper c220cdi est 2003

    hi could anyone tell be if there is a separate fuse and relay for the rear w/s wiper on my c220cdi est 2003 and if so where are they as the rear wiper has stopped working washer still works as do the front w/s wipers, thanks, also i dont here any clicking etc when i push the switch.
  13. T

    W140 w/s wipers problem

    Hi all, I just replaced the wiper blades on my W140 and noticed when testing them that the drivers wiper does not bob up and down as it should. Both wipers sweep the screen ok but it is just the bobbing action that I need to put right. Any ideas please?
  14. partsspecialist

    W/s 203 Ribbed Mats

    I've got 5 complete sets of these mats still in bag going cheap to first guys that pm/ring me. 0161 230 4610 Part B66360051 Ribbed mats in blue.(I know :rolleyes: ) But I can let them go for £20 inc vat and p&p next day del via TNT
  15. Venomous

    W/S 203 3 Spoke Sports Steering Wheel

    As seen on Flea Bay, £50 post to MB Club UK members. Thanks
  16. beaRS

    Daft question about W/S button

    OK, This might seem like a daft question, because I'm sure that mose MB owners know the answer to this already. What does the W/S switch next to the auto shifter on my CLK do. I'm guessing its for switching the shifting program of the auto, but I cannot really feel any difference whether its...
  17. D

    Autobox W/S setting.

    I'm assuming that as the winter setting changes up earlier there will likely be fuel consumption benefits. On my SLK 230K there doesn't seem to be any noticeable loss of performance using this setting. Is more strain put on the box by using the winter setting? Dave Vito 108CDI; SLK 230K
  18. GSBellew

    96 W/S 124 E200 remote central locking

    Ok, I havent even gotten my 124 home yet but one of the issues to be sorted with it is the remote central locking which apparently has stopped working, it will open from the key in the passenger side lock but not from the button on the key itself. I know its a long shot, but does anyone know...
  19. sub_zero

    W/S knob beside the gearbox of W220

    Hi Gurus, I have a knob beside the gear lever with selection of 'W' and 'S' notches,what do they mean? is it something related to fuel economy? thanks in advance
  20. D

    W/S Switch

    Hi there, When we had the heavy snow last Wednesday I swtiched the W/S from Summer to Winter and everything was working fine - starting on 2nd and pulling away nice and steady. But when I came to switch it back to Summer(S), it refused to switch. Everything still works ok but response is...
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