1. C

    W108 Fuel Gauge Voltage

    Hi, my fuel gauge is reading incorrect. I'm measuring 5.8 volts going to the fuel sender. Is this correct? Any advice appreciated.
  2. C

    W108 inlet manifold

    Hi, I've just bought a 1969 280s W108 and working on some carb issues. I,m curious about the balance weights sticking out of the inlet manifold which I can see are linked to some sort of flap assembly. See bottom right of attached image. The weights seem to be solid or ceased. Should they be...
  3. Mr Fixit

    W108 3.5V8 project

    Hi All Just finished a couple of Triumph TR6's and been looking for a new project and have come across a W108 that needs restoration, running gear etcall fine 'just' needs bodywork. I was really looking fro another small sports car so wanted to ask what folks thought of these and if there...
  4. merc85

    Lovely w108

    Always loved these, Looks well. 1970 Mercedes Benz 280se W108 | eBay
  5. D

    w108 280se 5.5 v8 with 560 sel gear what for each to his own??!!!

    Mercedes 280SE 5.5-litre V8 1971 with 560SEL running gear | eBay
  6. optimusprime

    chrome head light surround W108

    Looking on my other forum a member as this chrome head light surround .The fittment is for the W108 .It will need chrome The price is £15 to your door .So If you need one please pm me for his number.
  7. M

    Various W108 bits

    Hi guys, Mid-way through putting my W108 280SE 3.5 back together and I'm after a few bits. - Fuel gauge sender - Heater slides - Centre dash wood trim (with the stereo hole - mine's been butchered). - Driver's side carpet in black - Front door rubbers (need them to be new or in VGC)...
  8. S

    W108 window brushes?

    Hi all, I've stripped down my W108 doors ready for imminent welding/painting, I'm going to need to replace the horizontal window brushes inner and outer. Does anybody know of a cheap source for these, are they specific to W108s or are there some generic ones that will do the job? Cheers.
  9. M

    w108 interior question

    Hi All, Currently looking at buying a w108. Can headrests be added to the front seats? Also, need to get rear seats belt fitted. Is this an option?
  10. S

    W108 alternator upgrade?

    Hi, my alternator isnt really charging as it should on my '72 280SE 3.5 litre (W108). This is despite a pro rebuild. I thought I may as well replace it so I thought i'd ask if there are any that will fit that have an uprated output as evetually I will be fitting an air-ride set up and dont want...
  11. Screwdriver

    Want to buy a pair of W108 Wings? Forget it! MB officially says no more

    Just received confirmation that wings for the W108 chassis will not be available any more. While I am tempted to raise a stink about this with Mercedes classic parts, I'm afraid that one voice might get drowned out. :dk:
  12. A

    w108 coupe rear screen

    Hi there, I am trying to hunt down a rear screen and chrome trim for a w108 coupe (1971). If anyone can help I'd appreciate it, thanks. Dave
  13. A

    w108 coupe rear screen

    Hi there, This is my first post, so be kind..:) I need a rear screen and chrome trim for my 108 coupe (1971)..I was wondering whether, as I suspect, that the glass/trim is exclusive to that model? And if you might point me in the direction of where I might find such an elusive thing? Thanks.
  14. S

    W108 colour change?

    Just started W108 restoration, currently its Papyrus white and I was going to keep it like that but now i'm thinking of changing to 728 beige grey which i think looks classy on cars from this period. I would have to do the engine bay at a later date due time/finance restraints. The interior is...
  15. V12

    1972 280S W108 for sale

    This car has had 2 owners from new. It has a genuine 60,000 miles. It is generally in very nice condition throughout and just needs some TLC. £6500 EXTERIOR This 280 would benefit from some TLC to restore it back to its former glory. The paint has faded in some areas and there are...
  16. S

    W108 Doors/rubbers

    Hi to all, new member here with a '72 280SE (W108) 3.5 litre V8. Just starting body work restoration. All 4 door bottoms are shot, managed to find 3 better ones but still need front passenger door. Any leads will be much appreciated. Also I will need door rubbers, there are some on ebay for...
  17. Haris

    W108 Starter wiring

    Anyone able to point me in the direction of the starter relay on a '72 280SE I have a wiring diagram but I can't get wire colours to match completely with the relay I'm looking at. I'm trying to chase the down the wiring from the starter back to iginition switch. I currently get a relay...
  18. horatio

    Nice W108

    Proper Merc this. Perfect for any budding dictators, despots or tyrants... UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY Mercedes 280SEL W108 1971 Classic S Class EX EMBASSY Owned | eBay
  19. A

    W108 2.8SE Engine Block

    Hello! Is there any particular, good place in UK to look for classic Mercedes parts. I need engine block for W108 2.8SE SOHC.
  20. B

    engine swap for w108

    Has anyone put a later diesel 300d engine in a w108.I have a 280s and want to use it as a daily driver but mpg is too high.I have seen a w108 with a diesel engine at a car show and was wondering would a 300d w115 engine fit or maybe later model?
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